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Latest projects (most recent first):

Clearance (film) ~ starts filming November 2015 in South Africa.

Brain on Fire (film) ~ filming started 13 July ~ release date tba.

Pilgrimage (film) ~ post-production ~ release date 2015 tba.

Urban and the Shed Crew (film) ~ currently submitting to film festivals ~ release date tba.

Sleepwalker (film) ~ release date tba.

Hannibal s3e8 ~ 'The Great Red Dragon' will air 25 July (NBC in US) and 29 July (Sky Living in UK)

Alice Through the Looking Glass (cameo role) ~ 27 May 2016 (UK and USA)

SDCC 2015 news, pictures and interviews are here.

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5th October

Richard has recorded voiceover for a new British advert for Hovis bread.  Watch it here on YouTube.


27th September

Richard has now finished recording the audiobook of David Copperfield at the Audible.com studios (according to this tweet). We still do not know if the audiobook will be unabridged unfortunately.

On 25th September, CDM Studios tweeted a picture of Richard being interviewed in the studios where he has recorded the audiobook. Yesterday, the same twitter account posted a short video clip of Richard receiving the Audible's 2014 Audiobook of the Year trophy for Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: A Novel. Co-author David Hewson blogged about this award in December last year.


19th September

1. In early August, US film magazine Fangoria issue #383 was guest edited by Bryan Fuller and it included a 3 page interview with Richard Armitage by William Bibbiani. Scans of the article have been kindly sent to this site from @apple_fia on twitter. Thanks also to @CrystalChandlyr for the first 5 pages below, which include an interview with director Neil Marshall. Click the images to enlarge.

th Fangoria 383-Aug2015-1  th Fangoria 383-Aug2015-2  th Fangoria 383-Aug2015-3  th Fangoria 383-Aug2015-4 

th Fangoria 383-Aug2015-5  th Fangoria 383-Aug2015-6  th Fangoria 383-Aug2015-7  th Fangoria 383-Aug2015-8

2. Sarah Dunn has released another photo from her 2014 Hobbit photoshoot: twitter and facebook.


11th September

The announcement about Berlin Station was made today (see news 8th September below) and Richard has been named as the lead! Richard will play Daniel Meyer, a CIA case officer who becomes an undercover agent in Berlin, tasked with uncovering the source of a leak who has supplied information to a whistleblower. The 10 part series, due to be released in autumn 2016, also stars Michelle Forbes, Rhys Ifans and Richard Jenkins.

Announcements were made on Variety, Deadline, TV Line and The Hollywood Reporter. All the photos of Richard were taken at The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies premiere in Los Angeles in December 2014.

From Variety: “We are very happy to have found our ‘Daniel’ to join this incredible ensemble cast,” said Mark S. Greenberg, president and CEO of EPIX. “Richard is a singular talent who has the presence and attitude to bring this character and story to life”...“Both Richard and Michelle are enormously talented actors who exhibit an on-screen intensity and passion that viewers respond to because of their intellect and ability to let transformation overcome their characters,” added Amy Powell, president of Paramount TV.


10th September

We assumed correctly - Richard will be recording a narration of David Copperfield soon at the Audible.com studios. See their tweet about asking questions for Richard. There is no further information yet about a release date or whether the audiobook will be abridged.


8th September

1. Richard has tweeted quotes from Dickens' David Copperfield today and tagged Audible.com in his tweets, so I think it's safe to assume his reading the novel for another audiobook for us all to enjoy! Tweet 1, tweet 2 and tweet 3.

2. This tweet from 1st September shows Richard in a soundproof studio recording audio for the forthcoming Hannibal season 3 DVD.

3. Richard has recently followed producers, director, original novelist, writers and production companies involved in a project called Berlin Station, a ten part contemporary spy series for television which begins filming this autumn. Although Richard's name has not yet been officially mentioned in connection with this series, his twitter activity has fuelled rumours of his involvement, so watch this space. More details from the Hollywood Reporter.


29th August

Candida Brady has been tweeting daily with pictures from Urban and the Shed Crew and also she posted a link to the official trailer on Thursday 27th August. Watch on YouTube or watch below:

Dim lights Embed Embed this video on your site

This picture was posted on Thursday, this one yesterday and this one appeared today. These 3 pictures and the one posted on 26th August are now in the Urban gallery.


26th August

Candida Brady, director of Urban and the Shed Crew has released a new picture of Richard as Chop. No news yet on the release date of this film, which is being submitted to film festivals the last I heard. I will put this picture in the Urban gallery soon.


21st August

Richard opened a Just Giving page for the Cybersmile Foundation yesterday and suggested via twitter that donations could be made in multiples of 4 for his birthday! See tweet 1 and tweet 2. He also posted a selfie on Weibo yesterday evening with a caption that has been translated by @RCArmitager_CN. Many thanks to them. Click here for a copy of my tweet with the details. 

There are 6 other Just Giving pages nominated by Richard in the past, details of which are on the home page of this site, and the birthday page which has now closed for new comments. Thank you so much for all the fantastic messages! 


20th August

Photographer Sarah Dunn has shared another behind the scenes photo from her visit to the set of Sleepwalker in October 2014. Click here to see the tweet she posted today and the picture. The previous photo Sarah posted is here in the Sleepwalker gallery.


19th August

Photos from episodes 11, 12 and 13 have been added to the Hannibal gallery courtesy of the farfarawaysite.com and producer Loretta Ramos for this picture. Episode 11 airs in the UK tonight at 10pm on Sky Living HD.

A reminder that the birthday page will close in 2 days time at 9pm.


18th August

1. Here is a trailer for Hannibal episode 12 on YouTube.

2. Thank you to Violet for listing dates to see The Crucible at cinemas in the UK - click here.

3. Here is Inquisitr's review of episode 11, which I haven't read but I gather it is another glowing review of Richard's performance. I cannot post other reviews as I'm not reading them until episode 11 airs on UK television tomorrow evening, so click here for a google search of episode 11 reviews.

4. Joshua Horowitz has posted another of his popular happy/sad/confused picture montages featuring Richard, Hugh Dancy and Bryan Fuller on Instagram. These pictures were taken at San Diego ComicCon on 11 July. Richard has appeared in this photo series before during Hobbit promotion in December 2013 - click here and scroll down to 16 December to see the picture montage.


12th August

1. A donation of £259.07 plus gift aid has been made today to Childline one of the six charities Richard has nominated on JustGiving.com as a result of orders made via Amazon US from December 2014 to March 2015.

I have also received the May 2015 payments from Amazon UK and Amazon DE, and as promised in the news 3rd May, these amounts were paid today to UNICEF's appeal for Nepal. When I receive the Amazon US May payment I will pay this to UNICEF too. Details of the donation are here.

Thank you so much for continuing to use the Amazon links on my home page to make your purchases. Referral fees are earned for free for every item you buy. Details here.

2. Here is a trailer for Hannibal episode 11 on YouTube.

3. Martha De Laurentiis tweeted another picture of Richard in the red dragon costume, this time in front of a green screen. This scene features in episode 10 which airs on Sky Living tonight at 10pm. See news 9th August below for the other picture of Richard in the costume, tweeted by Bryan Fuller.


10th August

The Coventry Telegraph has published an article about 'former Coventry student' Richard Armitage and the impact on twitter following his appearance on Hannibal episode 10. The episode has not been shown in the UK yet - it is broadcast in Canada on Fridays, in the US on Saturdays and in the UK on Wednesdays.


9th August

1. Hannibal episode 10 aired in the US last night so there are now even more photos in the Hannibal gallery from 3 sources: the farfarawaysite.com, producer Loretta Ramos (who tweeted two photos of Richard, Rutina Wesley and the tiger) and Bryan Fuller who tweeted a fantastic picture of Richard in costume as the Red Dragon. Spoilers of course! Here is a link to Bryan Fuller's tweet with 'that' photo.

2. Thank you to DJ Kwes for sharing this story of his experience as an extra on Hannibal and meeting Richard who put him at ease before a scene they shared together. DJ Kwes played the museum receptionist.

3. More glowing reviews for episode 10 '...And the Woman Clothed in Sun':

  • Digital Spy "Both Richard Armitage and Rutina Wesley did beautifulwork in that zoo scene...The actors and writers have done a fairly remarkable job of making us care about this romance in the space of just two episodes"
  • TV Fanatic "Richard Armitage is just killing it every week.
  • Slant Magazine "Francis uses his profound alienation from society as a conduit for empathy with Reba's blindness, and, in turn, the tiger is a conduit for Francis's visions of his own strength and for Reba's desire to find within that strength a reservoir of the very real vulnerability she detects in his pleading, halting speech."

4. Janice Poon, food stylist for Hannibal, tweeted that Richard is very method when it comes to eating paintings: link to tweet.



8th August

1. As mentioned in yesterday's news I have created a birthday page for you to leave messages for Richard as I have done since 2009. Thank you for encouraging me to continue this - I really wasn't sure if this was still wanted but you have given me some great feedback. Here is the page with a summary as always of what Richard has been upto these past 12 months. The page will close for comments at 9pm UK time on Friday 21st August. Thank you for continuing to visit this site, it is much appreciated.

2. High resolution photos have appeared on the farfarawaysite.com for Hannibal episode 11. The pictures of Richard have been added to the Hannibal gallery.

3. Richard's latest tweet contains a message to Susannah Cahalan and her family. Susannah wrote the novel that Richard's latest project was based on, Brain on Fire. My twitter feed on the home page of this site only shows the photo of Susannah, her father Tom Cahalan and Richard who played Tom in the film, however on the twitter web page you can see Richard's message in full - click the text to read it.


7th August

1. Thank you for voting in the poll about a birthday page for Richard. Results are here. Your comments and votes have persuaded me that you would like to see this continue, so I'm working on the page now. Thanks again.

A new poll has opened on the left-hand side asking about whether you watch or read spoilers for Hannibal. Thanks for voting!

2. The Hannibal Post Mortem for episode 10 has been posted on YouTube. This is the best of these episodes so far in terms of great clips of the episode (spoilers obviously) and some nice insights from Rutina Wesley and Richard Armitage.

3. If you enjoy reading spoilers for Hannibal this is the review for you. Plenty of detail about episode 10 '...And the Woman Clothed in Sun' and lots of pictures.

4. Five more high resolution photos from episode 8 of Hannibal have been added to the Hannibal gallery, courtesy of the farfarawaysite.com.

5. Soundbites of Richard's telephone interview for Ma Vie En L'Air have been posted on SoundCloud with many thanks to the interviewer (@GeekInc18 on twitter). Scroll down to see previous soundbites when Richard has been interviewed about The Hobbit. Here are the three parts of the final transcribed interview: part 1, part 2 and part 3


5th August

1. Far Away Entertainment have announced that extended versions of the Hobbit trilogy will be shown in US cinemas, starting on Monday 5th October 2015. Collider have also added that there will be a special introduction from Peter Jackson.

2. A few days ago, Collider nominated Richard as TV performer of the week for his performance as Francis Dolarhyde in Hannibal. Read more here.

3. The trailer for Hannibal episode 10, which features lots of Richard as Francis Dolarhyde, has appeared on Canadian TV - watch it here.

4. Hannibal episode 9 review by Inquisitr Richard Armitage Continues to Impress With His 'Red Dragon' Portrayal In 'Hannibal'.


30th July

1. Here is the trailer for Hannibal episode 9 '...And the Woman Clothed with the Sun'. If this doesn't work in your location, try this.

2. The Post Mortem clip for episode 9 is now on youtube. Rutina Wesley eloquently explains her take on the character of Reba McClane, and Reba's relationship with Francis Dolarhyde.

3. This review from flickeringmyth is worth a mention for its outstanding praise of Richard's performance. There are many reviews of episode 8 online and I don't recall reading any negative reviews at all, in fact many comment that this episode is a highlight of the series so far. Richard's performance as Francis Dolarhyde has been universally praised.

Here is another example from Den of Geek:

"I really had my doubts whether he was the man to play Francis Dolarhyde in this production. The first five minutes of The Great Red Dragon convinced me not only to put aside my doubts but has completely reinvigorated my enthusiasm for the series. Armitage is every bit that impressive in the role."

4. The Philippine Star's interview with Richard is here. Richard also mentionsPilgrimage andBrain on Fire, which is he filming at the moment in Vancouver:

“At the moment, I’m playing a very loving and kind person who is fighting very hard to save his daughter’s life, somebody who is a real family man and in a way, it’s a very nice antidote to Francis Dolarhyde who was a very destructive character.”

5. A brand new video interview with Richard courtesy of the Hannibal production team has been posted on youtube.


27th July

1. The third and final part of Ma Vie En L'Air's interview is now available. Here is part 1 and part 2.

2. Here is the Straits Times telephone interview with Richard about Hannibal. After several interviews in the past few days there isn't really anything new in this one, but they have published a photograph taken by Sarah Dunn for last year's Hobbit promotion that hasn't been seen before in such high resolution. Click the arrow on the picture of Francis Dolarhyde to see Sarah's photo of Richard. Sarah published a larger version of the photograph on her Facebook page last November.


26th July

1. Part two of Ma Vie En L'Air's interview has been published here. Part one was posted in yesterday's news and part three will appear on Monday.

2. TV Line have posted their interview with Richard today: Hannibal's Richard Armitage on the Tooth Fairy's Wordless Introduction and 'Tragic Love Story'.


25th July

1. Despite being interviewed several times as you will see from yesterday's and today's news, Richard still manages to give slightly different answers to similar questions so all of the interviews are worth a look. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter Richard explains some of the different types of research he followed to find the character of Francis Dolarhyde.

"When we were working on that I would listen to Mich Levi, who wrote the score to Under the Skin. It was ironically useful and very topical at the time because he’d just been nominated for an Oscar. I was also listening to a young girl who was in speech therapy for a cleft palate. I studied a lot of online of speech therapy for speech disabilities."

He also comments on the famous tiger scene filmed with Rutina Wesley, saying that Francis...

"...didn't self-consciously know he was doing a heroic thing, he just understood that it would mean something to her and he wanted to rock her world. But it’s actually not for personal gain, it’s to move her."

2. Michael Calia on behalf of The Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy section has written one of the best interviews I believe. There is lots of interesting detail in this interview, including whether he would play such a character again and also how he cultivated the character's speech impediment:

"I also worked with this little piece of plastic on the roof of my mouth, which enabled me to speak quickly but at the same time not avoid the little tics that happen in cases of a cleft palate, so that was there all the way through."

3. The Wrap have provided an extended clip from the start of episode 8 of Hannibal. I can't play this video in the UK so it could be blocked in your country. As soon as the footage appears elsewhere online I will update this news item.

4. Inquisitr have summarised the Hollywood Reporter's article (#1 above), but I'm mentioning it here for their acknowledgement of the Armitage Army: "they all recognize his versatility and ability to take on very intricate characters." Yes we do.

5. SpinOffOnline asks similar questions and there are similar answers that we have read in other interviews. However the last answer is the most interesting as Richard talks about the amount of input he had into the portrayal of the character:

"Every idea that I’ve had, and every thought I’ve had about the character, has been embraced by the writers, the costume designers, the set designers, the stunt coordinator and the directors. When you are given that opportunity, your brain starts to work in much more detail."

6. Ma Vie En L'Air have interviewed Richard about Hannibal, and have published the conversation as it took place without any editing. This is a fantastic interview and it is only the first of three parts. Part two will be posted on Sunday (tomorrow) at 10am GMT or 6am US EDT. Part three will be posted within the following 24 hours.

Richard is asked about Guy of Gisborne in comparison with Francis Dolarhyde, about the nature vs nurture argument, whether he was physically comfortable with the amount of nudity and whether he was able to shake off the character after each shooting day. Well worth a read!


24th July

1. Bryan Fuller shows us around Francis Dolarhyde's attic and Hannibal Lecter's cell in this video from TV Guide. Thanks to @sahraobsessed on twitter.

2. An interview with Richard in the Jakarta Globe reveals that Richard actively sought character driven independent films after The Hobbit and he describes his gruesome and revealing first day on set.

3. Bryan Fuller's interview on Buzzfeed has some spoilers but lots of fascinating information about season 3 and later in the article, about Richard's part in the latter half of the season. The last answer is really interesting about the way Richard contorted his body: "we wanted it to feel like An American Werewolf in London".

4. In this interview with Zap2it, Richard explains again that he did not watch previous incarnations of the character by other actors, but also says that he deliberately didn't want to see another Reba McClane either: "because I, as the character, was about to meet my Reba McClane. I didn’t want to be informed by other manifestations of that, so I left it alone.”

5. This two minute short clip shows Richard and Guillermo Navarro on Hannibal's Post Mortem show, a behind the scenes look at every episode. I'm not sure if more of this interview will be posted on NBC's Hannibal site or elsewhere so if anyone can give me more information on this please email me (Ali) at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

6. Richard tweeted this link a few days ago--Hypable's Profile of a killer: Get to know Hannibal's Red Dragon. All you need to know about Francis Dolarhyde with a view that Richard's version might be the best yet.

7. In another interview out today, Richard talks to The Wrap about Hannibal, binge watching the series so far, playing a physically and emotionally isolated character and how Richard found a way to play the physicality of the character.

8. I won't post links to all the reviews of Hannibal episode 8, as there will be many, but this one from Business Insider Australia has to get a mention because it is one of the first reviews, it is glowing and there is this comment:

"a big part of what makes this new arc so immediately compelling is the addition of actor Richard Armitage as Francis Dolarhyde. Armitage is a force of nature, terribly frightening in the role without ever saying a word (and completely unrecognizable from his most famous role, Thorin Oakenshield from “The Hobbit” films)."

9. Two new photos showing Richard and Rutina Wesley from Hannibal episode 10 are now on farfarawaysite.com. I will update the Hannibal gallery shortly.

10. I am debating whether to set up another birthday page for Richard this year, something I have done every year since 2009. Last year's is here. Now that he is on twitter, I expect lots of people will tweet Richard directly on his birthday, and although I appreciate not everyone has a twitter account I am wondering whether a birthday page on this site is still appropriate and worthwhile. Social media has changed the way that people interact online and I'm aware that this site is an archive of information rather than a way for fans to communicate, so perhaps a birthday page is no longer relevant. I would be grateful if you would vote in the poll on the left and also I would welcome comments on the home page to let me know your opinion. (Scroll down to create a new comment). Thank you very much!

Previous poll results are here.


23rd July

TV Insider have published an interview with Richard about playing Francis Dolarhyde, and there's a very interesting answer about what would have been a dealbreaker in terms of playing a character that commits such horrific crimes. The picture they have posted appears with others from episode 8 and 9 in the Hannibal gallery on this site.


22nd July

1. TV & Satellite week have an interview with Richard in their 25-31 July issue out this week to promote Richard's first appearance in Hannibal. Episode 8 of series 3 will be shown on Weds 29 July 10pm on Sky Living HD.  Click the image below to enlarge. Thanks to @guille171170 and @RArmitageBrazil for letting me know so I could go out and buy it!

th TVSatelliteWeek-25Jul15

2. Richard also appears in two more UK magazines today, What's On TV magazine and TV Guide magazine. Many thanks to Jen for the scans. Click to enlarge.

th WOTV-25Jul15    th TVGuide-25Jul15

3. Strike Back Origins, which was the first series of Strike Back first shown in 2010 in the UK and starring Richard, is currently showing on demand on Cinemax in the US. Thanks to @TheRAFanPage on twitter.

4. I have been asked to share a blog post with you all, something I don't usually do as this site is about Richard's career not his fans, but this one is thoughtful and promotes good will so I am very happy to provide a link: https://ramused.wordpress.com/2015/07/21/ramused-random-acts-of-kindness-randomaok/ thanks to K.

5. The Hannibal gallery has been updated with high res images from episodes 8 and 9 courtesy of the farfarawaysite.com.

6. Many thanks to TigerJuls for these candid photos from the Hannibal book signing on 12 July in San Diego.

7. Digital Spy have published the following article today: Hannibal is tackling Red Dragon and Dolarhyde will break your heart to introduce Richard's role in Hannibal


21st July

Site updates: SDCC news and information about Brain on Fire on the Biography page and a new career page for Pilgrimage.


20th July

1. A donation of £270.82 plus gift aid has been made today to Barnardo's one of the six charities Richard has nominated on JustGiving.com. Thank you so much for continuing to use the Amazon links on my home page to make your purchases. Referral fees are earned for free for every item you buy. Details here.

2. A new promo video of Hannibal 'The Great Red Dragon' episode has been posted on Vimeo. Also here is the preview for next week's episode featuring Richard, which was shown at the end of episode 7 on Saturday night in the US. Both videos have slightly different footage from the original preview aired at Comic-Con (see news 12 July below). Spoilers!

3. Win a signed Crucible poster via the Spread the Love blog.

4. Here are some articles announcing Richard's involvement in Brain on Firecurrently filming in Vancouver, Canada: Variety, Screendaily and Deadline.

5. Michael Ausiello from TV Line interviews Bryan Fuller, Hugh Dancy, Martha De Laurentiis and Richard Armitage - a lovely good-humoured interview!

6. William Bibbiani's interview with Richard for CraveOnline took place after the Hannibal panel in San Diego, next to the restaurant for the book signing that took place the next day. This is an excellent interview giving plenty of insight into how Richard humanised Francis Dolarhyde.

7. Here's a short clip of MTV's Josh Horowitz, interviewing Richard backstage at SDCC.

8. Director of Sleepwalker, Elliott Lester, tweeted this picture from the set on 15th July.

9. Actress Jean MacLean-Angus posted a picture of herself on Instagram with her co-stars of Brain on Fire and producer Charlize Theron today: click here.


13th July

1. Richard's latest tweet confirms that he has just arrived in Vancouver, Canada to begin working on the film Brain on Fire, which is being produced by Charlize Theron and stars Chloë Grace Moretz. No official press announcement has appeared yet stating his involvement, however speculation began a few days ago when Richard started following Charlize and Chloë on twitter. Here is an article by Variety about the shoot.

The film is based on the bestselling memoir by Susannah Cahalan, “Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness" and it will be released in 2016. The film is directed by Gerard Barrett. Here is a local Vancouver press site with more information.

2. The full and uncut Hannibalpanel is now on YouTube.


12th July

1. A round up of the news, interviews and video clips from Richard's appearance yesterday at San Diego Comic-Con, visit the SDCC 2015 page, which I will be updating as more news arrives. I am gathering all the pictures shared on social media - here is the collection so far.

2. Here is the much anticipated first footage of Richard as the Red Dragon.

3. Richard has recorded a voiceover to advertise the 2015 Ashes cricket series. Watch it on YouTube.


6th July

1. Candida Brady, the director of Urban and the Shed Crew has posted this fantastic promotional image showing Richard as Chop, Fraser Kelly as Urban and Anna Friel as Greta. She also posted this picture of Richard and writer of the original novel, Bernard Hare, on the set of the film. Candida is hoping to release an official trailer next week. The film is being submitted to film festivals and there could be more news about this at the end of the month.

2. Franchise Herald have posted a synopsis of Richard's first episode in Hannibal (s3e8) called 'The Great Red Dragon'. This episode will be shown in the US on 25 July on NBC and in the UK on 29 July on Sky Living.

3. Here is an extended interview with Richard about playing Francis Dolarhyde. Unfortunately it is not easy to hear Richard under the Russian translation but I was able to make out most of what he was saying so I hope you are able to as well. Thanks to @faboamanto on twitter.


28th June

1. Watch Richard's acceptance speech at the Saturn Awards, with thanks to Hannibal producers DeLaurentiisCo on YouTube.

2. Here is Collider's interview with Richard after his win at the Saturn Awards on Friday night. This interview with Bryan Fuller prior to the awards is also worth a watch for his comments about working with Richard (and also for details of American Gods if you're fan of the book, like me!).

3. Stephanie Pressman interviewed Richard at the Saturn Awards via Periscope. Here is the video on YouTube.

4. Watch this space for a gallery of all the photos of Richard posted on twitter during the Saturn Awards.


26th June

Richard just won his first major acting award this evening in the US at The Saturn Awards! He won Best Supporting Actor for playing Thorin Oakenshield. Open my twitter feed for photos and news.

Here is Richard's picture of his award. Many congratulations Richard!


24th June

1. The rumour mentioned in the news 20th June (#3) below is now confirmed: Richard will attend San Diego ComicCon and appear on the Hannibal panel at 5pm on Saturday 11 July in Ballroom 20. As Deadline reports, a sneak peek of the “Red Dragon” storyline will be followed by a Q&A with cast members Hugh Dancy and Richard Armitage, along with executive producers Bryan Fuller and Martha De Laurentiis. Although Hannibal has been cancelled by NBC, the third season will be shown in full as planned. It is currently being shown on NBC in the US and on Sky Living on Wednesday evenings in the UK. Richard will appear in episodes 8-13.

2. Thanks to @RA_AiRi3232 on twitter for the information that North and South has been released in Japan today with Japanese dubbing.


20th June

1. Den of Geek published a new interview with Richard on 16th June (sorry - I tweeted this but haven't had time to update the site until today). High praise from the author of the article:

"From the moment Thorin first appeared at Bilbo’s door Armitage managed to convey the power, charisma and leadership that set him apart from the rest of the pack, and it was that performance that helped to ground most of The Hobbit’s more over the top moments and keep audiences on side with the task at hand."

Richard is asked about filming the last few scenes of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, so there are lots of spoilers and there is a comment at the end about his role in Captain America. Here Richard talks about finding his feet as the leader of the company of dwarves:

"you can’t really enforce your leadership, it has to be given to you. It’s one of those things I believe that you can’t pull status and it would have weakened his character had he been a dictator, he had to be a kind of humble character that was given his authority by all of the dwarves and that takes time, that takes an actor building up trust with his colleagues and so I just had to take that step by step and earn the respect of my fellow actors, which is tricky, it’s difficult."

2. Today The Connacht Tribune has reported on the end of filming of Pilgrimage (which actually wrapped on 28 May according to the screenwriter) but the article mentions that the film will be promoted at the Toronto Film Festival in September and the American Film Market, an industry event in November.

3. There are strong rumours that the first footage of the Red Dragon from Hannibal episode 8 will be shown at this year's San Diego ComicCon and Richard may well attend, according to this unofficial blog. There is no official confirmation yet and no information on which day the Hannibal panel will take place.

4. In case you haven't read it yet (and I thought I'd already posted this, but again I must apologise), Richard has written a personal account on the Cybersmile Foundation's website, called The Human Condition and Social Media, published 11th June.


9th June

The Hollywood Reporter has exclusively revealed the first images from Pilgrimage including a great shot of Richard in medieval armour. Richard plays Raymond De Merville - see news 22nd May below for the picture tweeted by Richard.


6th June

Update: sorry the trailer has been removed by the filmmakers - not sure why but I hope for some news soon.

1. The teaser trailer for Urban and the Shed Crew has been released on YouTube and it looks fantastic! Richard as we've never seen him before and many recognisable scenes from the book. As soon as there is any information about the film's release I will post it here. 

I have added 58 screencaps to the Urban and the Shed Crew gallery.

2. Collider's interview with Bryan Fuller is worth a look for his hugely flattering comments about Richard in Hannibal. For example:

"Richard has gone above and beyond my expectations...I’ve been cutting scenes with him and we were watching a scene, and the editor and myself were both surreptitiously wiping tears out of the corners of our eyes because he is heartbreaking and soul-stirring and mad. He’s this poor, tortured, mad man. Now, after working with Richard, I can’t imagine anybody else doing it. He is so pitch perfect that it’s a coup."


5th June

Confirmation of the name and subject matter of the Irish film project that Richard has mentioned previously have appeared on David Higham (agents) website. We don't yet know if this project has the green light, but Richard is named as the star of the film called Bridget Cleary adapted by Anne-Marie Casey from the book by Angela Bourke. The film will be produced by Wildfire Films and directed by Jim O'Hanlon. For more information about the true story, here is a description on an Irish folk group's website

Richard first mentioned this project on 7th December at the CCXP event in São Paulo, Brazil. The full interview is on YouTube, but here is the direct quote:

"I'm producing something of my own, which is based on a true story. It's going to be set and filmed in Ireland in the late 1800s, it's a true story"


4th June

1. Yesterday Richard announced on twitter via the Cybersmile Foundation that he has become an ambassador for their organisation. Here is the original announcement. Today, they published an interview with Richard who explained his reasons for supporting the case against digital abuse.

This site is not a blog so I won't discuss my experiences or opinions on this matter and I wish I didn't have anything to relate. I am going to take this opportunity, however, to thank those who have 'got my back'. You know who you are and without you this site would not still be here. Can we get back to the 'fun' now? :)

2. Film Industry Network have also published an article about this announcement. The article has some quotes from Richard that are also on the Cybersmile Foundation's website, but there is plenty of new information, including details of Richard's next projects. It seems the Edith Wharton rumour is more than just a rumour and the Irish period drama (presumably this is the one he is producing) is still in the works.

3. Hannibal season 3 starts in the US and several other countries tonight - but you knew that already, yes? It starts in France on 9th June (my birthday!) and in the UK on 10th June. Richard will appear in episodes 8-13.


29th May

1. Bryan Fuller has been chatting about Hannibal again, this time to Den of Geek. There are spoilers in the article for those who are catching up with the previous two seasons, but he talks extensively about Richard's role as Francis Dolarhyde, including this:

"To be able to allow the audience to meet that man first and see the tragedy of his situation and then be exposed to the horrors of what he is capable of, and then be able to return again to the story of a tortured man whose mind is eating him from the inside out, takes a very particular actor to navigate and garner sympathy from the audience."

2. Urban and the Shed Crew is currently being submitted to film festivals, so we wish all involved the very best of luck for this highly anticipated film. The poster and teaser trailer are currently being worked on. As soon as there is any more news, I will post it here and on twitter and facebook.

3. Sorry to say Hamlet Prince of Denmark: A Novel and Richard's narration were unsuccessful at last night's Audie Awards 2015. It is a fantastic audiobook and well worth owning: Amazon UK RANet store or Amazon US RANet store.


28th May

1. Fangoria have published a long and interesting interview with Richard about playing Francis Dolarhyde. As we have come to expect Richard's analysis of this character is extensive, but it seems this role afforded him the luxury to experiment over six episodes with a detailed physical and mental portrayal of Dolarhyde, and he was given a great deal of freedom to fully explore the character's insanity and not necessarily in order to try to understand him. Francis Dolarhyde appears in the latter half of the third season, which airs on 4th June in the US on NBC and 10th June in the UK on Sky Living.

"I had 10 days to read the novel and completely change my body shape to become like the bodybuilder that Thomas Harris describes. Yeah, I did quite a bit of training, but 10 days is just not enough time. In the book, he’s described as a bodybuilder, so I took his military history, I took my own physique, and I took the psychology of someone that wasn’t happy with themselves and was trying to become better. We put him somewhere in the middle of that.

"There’s a lot of stuff going on here with Francis. It was interesting because I didn’t speak for the first episode. You don’t hear him really utter any words. His speech is slowly evolved throughout the 6 episodes, until the end when he’s eulogizing in very succinct, poetic, gothic ways. It’s been interesting."

2. Music from Urban and the Shed Crew has been released via the artist Som Vinter, who announced Blenheim Films' decision to include some of his music in the film. You can listen to the hauntingly beautiful Tidal Waves via SoundCloud on SomVinter.com. Here is the instrumental track Flatland that will also appear in the film according to their announcement and also Man of the World.

3. The Audie Awards 2015 will be presented tonight at a Gala in the New York Academy of Medicine, New York and you can watch the event on a livestream here. Hamlet Prince of Denmark: A Novel has been nominated in the 'Original Work' category and Richard has been nominated for his narration in the 'Solo Narration-Male' category. Here is the Press Release for further information.


24th May

This interview with Bryan Fuller on Tattle-Crime.com is a MUST read. Bryan gives some fascinating details into how how Richard was cast and his approach to taking on the role in Hannibal.

Bryan says: "There were times that we were sitting in the editing room going over a scene and both the editor and I had to wipe a tear out of the corner of our eyes because you’re rooting for this man to find some peace because he is so tortured, and yes, he is a terrible killer of families but Richard imbues him with great power and also tremendous vulnerability and it’s incredibly appealing."


22nd May

Richard posted an indistinct picture of himself in Pilgrimage costume on Weibo earlier today. He is currently on location in Belgium playing a Norman knight, Raymond De Merville, in the Brendan Muldowney film. Here is the original picture and a version I have edited - now we see you! Click to enlarge.

RCArmitage-Weibo-22May2015   RCArmitage-Weibo-edited-22May2015


21st May

For the first time we can now see video and pictures of Richard playing Francis Dolarhyde in Hannibal, released today via EOnline. The video content is not yet available in many countries outside the US, but you can watch some gifs on tumblr thanks to Jollytr.

Here is a video showing a preview of season 3 with a short clip of Richard talking. The picture I posted on 10th May (see below) is from this interview.

Two more pictures (click to enlarge):

RA-FD2-21May15   RA-FD3-21May15


17th May

Bidding has ended on the doodle Richard drew for the Neurofibromatosis Network, raising an incredible $4350.00! Click here to see the final listing (scroll down). Many congratulations to the winning bidder. Richard tweeted on 8 May to confirm that he will generously match the final bid.


16th May

Empire magazine have published a four part article about the popular BBC spy drama Spooks, featuring the thoughts of the makers of the show and former cast members including Richard. With the release of the film Spooks: The Greater Good in cinemas in the UK, Empire has compiled quotes to commemorate memorable moments from the ten series.

Richard is quoted a few times in parts 2 and 3, most notably about the controversial Lucas North/John Bateman character twist. Thanks to Laura for the link.


13th May

Richard Armitage is to star in Clearance, a film by Finnish director Aku Louhimied, which will film in South Africa in November 2015. More details at Screen Daily.


10th May

1. The first behind the scenes photo of Richard Armitage being interviewed about Hannibal has appeared on one of my favourite photo sites farfarawaysite.com. We don't have any information yet on when this interview will be released. One of the other photos on that link seems to show the kimono worn by Richard's character Francis Dolarhyde aka The Tooth Fairy.


2. Bidding on the doodle Richard drew for Doodle 4 NF, an annual fundraiser for the Neurofibromatosis Network, is at $1465.00 at the time of writing. The bidding ends on 17th May and Richard tweeted yesterday that he will match the final bid!

3. Yahoo Movies UK published an interview with Richard on 6 May: 'Richard Armitage: Why The Hobbit Trilogy Should Have Been LONGER'

“I think a lot of people who weren’t necessarily into the genre or Peter’s work probably felt it was too long; in which case I feel like maybe it’s not the right movie for you. The fans loved every single second of it and actually wanted more. When you look at what had to be lost, there was almost too much for three films. There wasn’t quite enough time to tell the whole story.” 

4. Film Mayo have posted some photos from the set of Pilgrimage in their latest newsletter. No pictures of the cast.

5. Entertainment Weekly have published a great article about Spooks with some very complimentary comments about Richard and his character Lucas North. Thanks to Jenn.

Richard Armitage (Robin Hood, The Hobbit, Strike Back, Into the Storm) gets his own separate mention because he’s Richard Armitage, who makes everything awesome when he turns up. This is particularly true when he’s playing Adam’s successor, Lucas North, who was possibly Spooks‘ most complicated character and gave the show a shot in the arm when he was hired in series seven. If your show can go from Matthew Macfadyen to Rupert Penry-Jones to Richard Armitage, you are doing something very right.

6. Updates to the site: Biography updated and two pictures added to the end of the Hobbit Stills gallery thanks to farfarawaysite.com.


3rd May

1. A donation of £241.48 plus gift aid has been made today to The Salvation Army, one of the six charities Richard has nominated on JustGiving.com. If you scroll to the bottom of the Donations page you will note that the total you have raised via this site is now over £7,000! Thank you so much.

I have decided, with consultation with some twitter friends, that all the money raised by you this month will go towards UNICEF's appeal for Nepal. The payment made above was earned by referral fees accrued in January and February of this year, so it will be a few months before I get the May 2015 payment, but all that commission will go to UNICEF. If you are happy to support this one-off decision, then please use the Amazon links on my site this month to raise money for UNICEF. After this month all fees will be paid to one of Richard's nominated charities as usual.

2. There is a new poll on the site asking which project you are most looking forward to. Scroll down on the left-hand side to vote. Previous results here.


2nd May

There was a new message on Weibo this morning from Richard, along with two stunning photos of the Irish landscape. Click here to view (you don't have to be a member of Weibo to see the posts). He also posted a tribute to Andrew Lesnie today on Weibo.


30th April

Richard has drawn a doodle for Doodle 4 NF, which is an annual fundraiser for the Neurofibromatosis Network. Here is his doodle (or click the image below). Bidding starts on 7th May and ends on 17th May and will start here on eBay when it goes live on the 7th. Thank you to @Veloce on twitter for the info. The original painting that his doodle is based on is The Great Red Dragon and the Beast from the Sea by William Blake. Richard drew another doodle for auction back in 2007 for National Doodle Day, a charity that raises money for the UK charity Epilepsy Action. You can see that doodle in my gallery.



29th April

1. Richard has narrated the third series of Fraud Squad which will be broadcast in the UK tomorrow night at 9pm on ITV. Information on previous series, including clips of Richard's narration, can be found on the Fraud Squad page.

2. I'm sorry to announce that Big Finish no longer hold the licence for selling the BBC Robin Hood audiobooks The Witchfindersand The Siege narrated by Richard. I have received email confirmation about this. The Amazon links on my DVDs page still work but you'll see that the prices are extortionate as it is no longer available, so it seems that the only option could be eBay or perhaps your local library.


28th April

1. Three interviews have been released today in which Richard talks about his roles in The Hobbit, Hannibal, Pilgrimage, Sleepwalker and even Spooks!

"I play a French Norman who has a personal agenda to corrupt this little journey. It's interesting, and most of my character's dialogue is in French, so I've been having to buff up my French."

I understand that Digital Spy's website is not accessible in all countries, so click the image below to read a jpg of the article, then click again to zoom in. I've added a jpg of the DS interview in yesterday's news too.

th DigitalSpy 28Apr15

  • Interview with HMV:

On Hannibal: "one of the great challenges I had was that it's very difficult to play someone you find so despicable, but if I can get an audience to somehow relate to him and feel something for him, despite what he's done, then I feel like I'll have achieved something I've never done before.”

On returning to the stage: "I am hopefully going to go back on stage, probably directed by Yaël Farber again, sometime in 2016 or 2017. We're developing an idea together and it will be a much more expressionistic, physical approach to theatre, which is the sort of theatre I'm really interested in. I can't say what it will be but we have a play in mind, quite an ancient play."

  • Interview with Empire Magazine with questions and answers about The Hobbit only, but this is a fun interview:

"One of my favourite moments is when Thorin gives Bilbo the Mithril vest. It's one of those pieces of information in the film that's referenced in Lord Of The Rings, when you see Frodo with it, and I love that it plays across the other films."

2. Character names have now appeared on the Pilgrimage IMDB page and Richard's character will be called Raymond De Merville.

3. Richard and other cast members from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings have commented on today's sad news that cinematographer Andrew Lesnie has died. You will see Richard's tweet in the twitter box on my home page or here. Here is Peter Jackson's touching tribute on Facebook.


27th April

Richard was interviewed today to promote The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies extended edition, according to this tweet by a Yahoo Movies journalist. The interview will be posted in a few days and I will link to it here in the news. He was also interviewed by Digital Spy who asked him questions about his role in Hannibal. In the interview Richard comments on his decision to take the role of a serial killer and how the 6 episodes allowed him to fully explore the character.

Click to read:

th DigitalSpy 27Apr15


25th April

Digital Spy have posted 11 spoilers about Hannibal season 3 from showrunner Bryan Fuller, including lots of information about filming with Richard and his character Francis Dolarhyde in the show. The article says: 'Richard Armitage's Dolarhyde will be treated more like a third lead character than a supporting player' and we are told about a shocked reaction from the crew during a specific scene. More details from Bryan Fuller will be published next week in the full interview.


23rd April

Both pictures from Richard's latest tweet about the Young Minds charity cannot be seen in the twitter window on my home page, so for the benefit of those not on twitter, here is the thank you from Jade Zelkowicz at Young Minds.


19th April

1. Andrew Cook, special effects artist working on Hannibal in Toronto, has posted this head cast of Richard on instagram (who we will forgive for spelling his name incorrectly!)

2. Many of the cast of Pilgrimage are posting pictures and tweeting from their filming location in the west of Ireland. You can follow the screenwriter Jamie Hannigan @jamiedotdotdot, and three of the actors Tom Holland @TomHolland1996, Jon Bernthal @jonnybernthal and Stanley Weber @sweber_official and Richard @RCArmitage of course, when he arrives in Ireland (and assuming he chooses to tweet).

3. The Old Vic have posted a picture of handprints on instagram that Richard Armitage and Anna Madeley drew backstage, signed with their character's names John and Elizabeth Proctor.

4. Although Richard did not win Best Actor at the Olivier Awards, readers of The Guardian voted him the winner by a considerable margin. Maybe next year then? ;)

2nd April

You can read the full transcript of today's Twitter Q&A with Richard via the @OlivierAwards account here on Storify.

30th March

The hosts of the Olivier Awards Twitter account have announced that Richard will take part in a twitter Q&A on Thursday from 2pm (GMT+1 as we are now in British Summer Time). You can submit questions now by including the hashtag #AskArmitage in your tweets.

28th March

Richard will not be able to attend this Sunday's Jameson Empire Awards unfortunately, presumably due to filming on Hannibal. He tweeted this information yesterday, as you will see from his twitter feed on the home page of this site.


24th March

Empire magazine are one of a number of media outlets who have announced Richard's participation in the forthcoming film Pilgrimage.

"Brendan Muldowney is set to start directing the film next month, working from a script by Jamie Hannigan. The basic story...finds a group of 13th century monks who must escort a monastery’s holiest relic to Rome and find their faith severely tested en route."

Richard first mentioned this project via a twitter Q&A (question 3) from the Warner Bros France twitter account on 4 December 2014. Filming starts in Ireland in April and then moves to Belgium. More information below in the news 5th December (#3).


22nd March

1. Richard Armitage in Conversation, a 40 minute interview that took place on Tuesday 2nd September 2014, can now be purchased from Digital Theatre in its entirety to rent or download: click here for details. This is a wonderful interview that I was lucky enough to attend, and I met some lovely Richard Armitage fans beforehand and in the pub later - hello to you all! To rent or download The Crucible, visit this page. Further details were posted in the previous news item (17th March).

2. A donation of £570.32 plus gift aid has been made today to the Anthony Nolan Trust, one of six charities Richard has nominated on JustGiving.com. Details of how referral fees are accrued are here. Thank you so much for using the Amazon links on the home page of this site. It is not just RA DVDs and audiobooks that will earn referral fees for charity, but ANY ITEM that Amazon sells, so please click on the Amazon logos on the home page for your shopping, or use the RAnet Amazon Stores for RA specific items.


17th March

1. You can download The Crucible from anywhere in the world today from 2pm GMT (9am EST, 6pm PT) via the Digital Theatre website. Click here for further details. It is available to rent for a limited period or to download permanently to your desktop in high definition or standard definition. Digital Theatre have said there is no end date to rent or download The Crucible, which will be available in their catalogue indefinitely. It is a great day for all those who were unable to see this remarkable production, enjoy!

2. Rumours are stirring about Richard's involvement in an adaptation of Edith Wharton's Summer, which will star Hailee Steinfeld. Watch this space.


9th March

Many congratulations to Richard for his Olivier Award nomination for Best Actor! Click here for the full list of nominations. The Crucible was also nominated for Best Revival. The awards ceremony will take place on 12 April at the Royal Opera House.


8th March

1. Today is the last day to download Classic Love Poems for free from Audible.com, Audible.co.uk or Audible.de. Don't miss out! Scroll down to the news on 14 February to see video clips of Richard at the Audible studios.

2. The Olivier Award nominations can be watched live on the OlivierAwards website at 12pm (8am ET) tomorrow. Surely Richard will get a nomination for John Proctor?

3. Keep voting for Richard as Best Actor at the Jameson Empire Awards 2015. The awards will take place on Sunday 29 March.


7th March

The third season of Hannibal has a broadcast date (announced yesterday) - 4 June! Richard will play Francis Dolarhyde in 6 episodes.


6th March

Digital Theatre made the much anticipated announcement today that The Crucible will be available for download worldwide on Tuesday 17 March from 2pm GMT, 9am (EST), 6pm (PT). This is a link to the email announcement showing the exact times that the download will be available.

Richard tweeted a link to an interview with TheaterMania, about the digital release and filming the production, shortly after today's announcement.

"There was such an urge for people to see it, [who] couldn't see it. I was very pleased that it would have an afterlife. One of the conditions I had in allowing it to be filmed was that Yaël be part of the edit, because what she was seeing, and what she wanted the audience to be seeing, was very specific."



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