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from the Leslie Hassler photoshoot Oct 2013



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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug will be released on DVD and Blu-ray
on 7th April 2014 (UK) and 8th April 2014(US).
The Extended Edition will follow later this year.

Digital Downloads now available on iTunes or Amazon Instant Video.

2014 releases:

Into the Storm ~ 8 Aug 2014 (US) ~ 22 Aug 2014 (UK)

Urban and the Shed Crew ~ to be announced.

The Hobbit: There and Back Again ~ 17 Dec 2014 (US) 19 Dec 2014 (UK)


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Richard Armitage on UK television

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18th April

According to an advert shown on the 7TWO channel recently, Robin Hood will be shown in Australia after Easter although the date and time is not yet confirmed. I'll update this item when it appears in the TV schedule. Thanks to Mezz.


17th April

1. There is a new poll on the left-hand side asking if you will be seeing The Crucible in London. Previous poll results about The Lords of the North audiobook are here. Thanks for voting!

2. Warner Bros. UK has published another video interview with Richard answering fan questions about The Hobbit. Watch it on YouTube or Facebook. This video is part 2 of 3.


16th April

Richard will be appearing at WonderCon in Anaheim, California this Saturday - because he's not busy enough (joke)! The announcement appeared on the Into the Storm Facebook page with the news that Richard will appear with co-stars Max Deacon, Jeremy Sumpter, Arlen Escarpeta and director Steven Quale from 11.00am to 12.30pm on Saturday. WonderCon schedule. This larger movie still has been added to the Into the Storm gallery. Click 'original image' to view the full size of the new picture.

RichardArmitageCentral have emailed the Old Vic to ask if Richard will be missing any dates - they say not as of now, but any changes will be listed on their site.


15th April

The Old Vic theatre has announced that Richard will be performing in The Crucible this summer.

The announcement has made The Stage's news page, also stating that the press night will be on 9th July.

BBC News is also reporting that Richard will appear at the Old Vic in London.


14th April

Greendragon from TheOneRing.net has interviewed Richard again, during the recent UK press junket. Richard confirms there is no more additional filming to do in New Zealand but he will be returning to complete some ADR work. He also talks about the appeal of working on Urban and the Shed Crew and learning from his young and talented co-star. San Diego Comic-Con is looking very likely, as opposed to a seemingly 'past tense' reference to the Richard III project.


13th April

An interview with Richard has appeared in Stack magazine, a free publication from JB Hi-Fi stores in Australia, in which he talks about filming The Desolation of Smaug and working with Martin Freeman and Peter Jackson. Many thanks to Bo for the scan. Click to enlarge.

th StackMagazine-Apr2014


12th April

A Peruvian film website has mentioned Richard's name in association with the making of a film called Casa Matusta. This is an unconfirmed rumour and the filming dates would appear to clash with appearing on stage in the Crucible, although that is still not 100% confirmed either. English translation. Thank you to Pollyspersonal on tumblr for the following translation, and Servetus for the heads-up:

"We are negotiating with Richard Armitage of "The Hobbit" and Nadine Velasquez of "Flight" and "My Name is Earl" series. The production company is negotiating with him for the lead role, that of a journalist who arrives in Peru interested in the history of the house Matusita, and Nadine for the role of his wife."


11th April

1. Baz Bamigboye, Entertainment Columnist with the Daily Mail, has tweeted that Richard is in final talks to star as John Proctor in Arthur Miller's The Crucible at The Old Vic theatre in London. The play runs from 24 June to 13 September 2014. In response to a question on twitter, Baz said the deal is 99%, but no casting has been announced for the play on the theatre's site yet. An announcement from Baz makes this very likely however.

Update: From Baz's column in The Daily Mail - still not confirmed yet, but if he has indeed 'signed on' then it's looking likely. Scroll down to 'Samantha casts a spell'.

"Armitage has had what were described to me as ‘several very exciting’ conversations with Ms Farber about how she plans to interpret Miller’s drama. However, he is still in final discussions.

Whatever she said clearly entranced him, because he signed on to do the show not having been on the London stage, or any other for that matter, for 13 years."

Here is a scan of the article in the print edition of The Daily Mail, with thanks to jh of the C19 forum:

th RACrucible-11Apr14


2. The German Tolkien Society interviewed Richard on 31st March at the UK press junket. Scroll down for the English version. Some old questions, some new, such as which music he likes to listen to and that he'd like to take Galadriel dancing!

3. The Irish men's lifestyle magazine JOE also interviewed Richard on the 31st March. We'll forgive the obligatory circus question because there are lots of varied and interesting tidbits here and links to videos to supplement Richard's answers. That's a great speech from Arnold Schwartzenegger and Richard owns an electric cello - I want one!


10th April

1. Jess Denham of The Independent has posted another article from her interview with Richard, in which he talks about female representation in The Hobbit and why he thinks Peter Jackson did the right thing by creating a 'strong, compelling' character in Tauriel.

2. Warner Bros. UK has published a video interview with Richard answering fan questions about The Hobbit. Watch it on YouTube or Facebook. This video is 'Part 1' of 3.

3. This interview by Time Warner Cable took place in Los Angeles in December but was only published to YouTube a couple of days ago. Thanks to Olya. Update: this video was originally published on 17 December (confirmed by @RA_Central) but Time Warner have re-uploaded it, presumably to promote the DVD.


9th April

1. I have uploaded clips from Sky1's highlights show of the Empire Awards 2014 to YouTube, which includes all excerpts of the Hobbit cast. This show was only 30 minutes long, so the clips are brief. For all the video clips shown from this event, visit The Desolation of Smaug Video Clips page.

2. Pictures and screencaps from the Empire Awards 2014 are now in the gallery.

3. Screencaps from the Digital Spy interview posted yesterday are in the gallery.


8th April

1. The @UrbanAtShedCrew twitter account has posted a new picture of Richard on set, playing the ex-social worker Chop, in a photograph that was taken last week (click the Instagram link). Today, Assistant Director @MikeyJGall has tweeted that Richard is rehearsing a stunt on location somewhere in Yorkshire. Two pictures means I can finally add a gallery for this production - more pictures soon hopefully!

2. Digital Spy have posted the video following their recent #AskArmitage twitter request for fan questions. There is an excellent response regarding what Thorin would have done with the One Ring, and Richard describes the scene I really missed from The Desolation of Smaug, which will be seen in the Extended Edition when it is out later this year.


7th April

1. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug DVD/Bluray is out today in the UK (the extended edition will be out later this year - probably around November time). Click for a close up of Smaug!

2. This interview with Richard, which took place during the UK press junket on Monday 31st March, is probably the best of the 'promoting the Hobbit' interviews we've seen in a long time. The interviewer has come up with some thoughtful and original questions - good going HeyUGuys!

3. Den of Geek have written about their expectations of The Hobbit: There and Back Again, so the article is FULL of spoilers, but their (non-spoilery) comment about Richard's performance is fantastic:

"Richard Armitage’s performance has been one of the best things about the new trilogy, making you believe that a hairy dwarf, so often the comedy element of the LOTR films, can be a heroic, tortured, and dangerous badass."

4. The Independent have published a short interview with Richard, in which he gives some idea of the type of roles he would like to take on. Game of Thrones is mentioned - if only!

5. HobbitMoviesUK is offering some amazing prizes including a trip to New Zealand (UK residents only). Click here to enter and keep visiting until 30 April as more prizes are revealed.


6th April

1. The Spooks Fan blog has launched a competition to giveaway one of the Robin Hood audiobooks narrated by Richard. Click here to enter.

2. Here is another short interview with Richard at the Empire Awards posted by the Press Association. Richard believes the next Hobbit film will be a little shorter than the others and will again be in 3D, 48fps. Thanks Olya.

3. One of the extra features from The Desolation of Smaug has been posted by WarnerBrosOnline on YouTube, describing the outstanding New Zealand landscape. There is a brief comment from Richard in this video and lots of amazing scenery. Thanks Servetus.


5th April

1. The 10 minute version of the BBC East Midlands video is here on Vimeo. Thanks Eni.

2. Here is the full length interview with Richard on the red carpet at the Empire Awards from Tresor Paris.

3. This Radio Times interview starts with a question we've heard a gazillion times before, but then the interview gets a lot better!

4. The Anglophile Channel are giving away a signed copy of the first Hobbit DVD and also a copy of the second Hobbit film on Bluray. Click here for details.

5. This article in Besser Magazin (Austria) is a summary of some of Richard's interviews on the red carpet at the Empire Awards, although he was obviously talking about Martin Freeman not Sir Ian Holm! Here is google translate's attempt to translate to English (I haven't provided a better translation as there is nothing new here). Thanks to Doris for the link.

6. Another couple of lovely pictures from the Empire Awards: picture 1 and picture 2. Thanks to Maria.

7. Two interviews from the press junket held in London on Monday 31st March: HollywoodNews.com and HMV.

8. For those following TheOneRing.net's Middle-earth March madness, Thorin is currently losing to Legolas in the semi-final! Aragorn isn't doing very well either. Vote here.


2nd April

1. Richard was interviewed by Geeta Pendse for BBC East Midlands Today on Monday - she posted a picture of herself and Richard on twitter. The interview will air during the evening news at 6.30pm (UK), but they have already posted the interview on their Facebook page.

2. Mariana has emailed me to share her photos of Richard meeting fans after the Empire Awards on Sunday evening - click here to see them. Thanks Mariana.

3. A print interview with Richard has appeared on the Film3Sixty magazine site.


1st April

Richard gave some tips on being an actor in this interview outside the Empire Awards in London on Sunday (scroll down for the video). Richard appears at 1m and 1m 47s.


31st March

1. The interview with Richard on ITV's This Morning, to promote The Desolation of Smaug, has been uploaded to YouTube in HD

2. More videos from last night's Empire awards:

3. RTE Ten has published a print interview with Richard, in which he says he will be buying the Hobbit DVD for the same reason as many of us - to watch the extra features.

4. This interview from the Irish Independent was published in December, but I didn't see it at the time. Richard is promoting The Desolation of Smaug and talking about his fear of water. Thanks to Guylty.

5. Richard also appeared on Sky News' Sunrise programme this morning. Here is the video on Yahoo UK News or on YouTube.

6. Some pictures from last Thursday's CinemaCon event in Las Vegas: click here and look at pictures 19, 20, 21, 22, 26 and 27.


30th March

The Jameson Empire Awards 2014 red carpet and pre-show interviews were livestreamed on YouTube from 4.00pm UK time today, but Richard was not interviewed. However you can still watch the interviews, including Aidan Turner, from that link.

Highlights from the award ceremony will be shown on the Sky Select channel (UK) at 7.45pm on Saturday 5th April or Sky1 at 9.30am on Sunday 6th April.

@EmpireMagazine on twitter are currently posting the results live and here is their live blog.

Pictures and video of Richard posted on twitter:

Congratulations to Michael Fassbender who won the Best Supporting Actor category - Richard will win next year ;)

Congratulations also to The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug for winning Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy film! Richard, Aidan Turner, Adam Brown and James Nesbitt (also the host of the ceremony) collected the award on stage. Pictures here and here.

Adam Brown posted a picture of himself, Richard and the presenters of the award Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Sophie Turner, and here's a picture of the award that Adam also posted on twitter.

Richard also went on stage to present the Best Female Newcomer award.


29th March

1. Marlise from The Anglophile channel has posted her reaction to meeting Richard at CinemaCon in Las Vegas and includes some footage of Richard speaking on stage at the end of the video. Thanks Marlise!

2. You can now download The Desolation of Smaug via iTunes UK, US and many other countries, or via Amazon Instant Video. Thanks to C. for this info.

3. I have updated the RichardArmitageNet Amazon UK, US and Germany stores (on the home page under the picture), which now includes links to The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug DVD, Bluray and other special editions, and in the case of the US store, you can order the film via Amazon Instant Video if you wish. See the category list on the right when you open the RAnet store. I wasn't able to add links to Instant Video for the UK or Germany RAnet stores, however, if you click on the Amazon logos on my home page and order ANY item from Amazon, commission for charity will be earned at no cost to yourself. Thanks for using these links.



28th March

1. Richard will be on ITV's This Morning from 10.30am on Monday 31st March. I will record the interview in HD and upload to YouTube later in the day.

2. The Australian reports from yesterday's event in Las Vegas, quoting Richard on the finale of The Hobbit.

"We are done with filming and they have a bit of motion capture left to do and I have a lot of post-production voice-synching," English actor Richard Armitage, one of the stars of The Hobbit trilogy, told NZ Newswire in Las Vegas on Thursday.

3. Warner Bros. have posted a reflective quote from Richard while he was on stage at CinemaCon yesterday: read the tweet.

4. Lots of entertainment sites have posted short articles about the new Into the Storm trailer and this one from Anne Thompson, who has a regular film feature on WNYC (npr.org) in New York, is no exception, but the large picture of Richard at the top warrants a mention! Here is a link to the article on Anne's Facebook page. Thanks to Chrissy.

5. A.J. Hartley, co-author of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: A Novel, has tweeted links to two excerpts from the audiobook read by Richard. There are actually 6 excerpts to listen to altogether: click here for the full list.


27th March

1. A new picture showing the main cast from Into the Storm has been posted by Warner Bros France on twitter - click here. A collection of all the pictures posted by official sources is in the Into the Storm gallery.

2. Here is the teaser trailer for Into the Storm - wow, that's exciting! Also on their official website.

3. Many pictures have appeared of Richard at CinemaCon in Las Vegas today. He has joined the Warner Bros panel to promote Into the Storm and The Hobbit: There and Back Again.


26th March

1. Richard will attend CinemaCon tomorrow, Thursday 27th March, in Las Vegas to promote Into the Storm and The Hobbit: There and Back Again. I tweeted the news yesterday and Todd Garner, producer of Into the Storm also confirmed today.

2. The teaser trailer for Into the Storm has appeared on YouTube. Blink and you'll miss him ;) Todd Garner has tweeted that this is 'a teaser for the teaser' so there will be more tomorrow (see news 22nd March).


24th March

1. Hobbit Movies UK twitter account has announced another #AskThorin event, where you can tweet questions for a possible video reply. The Hobbit facebook page states that Richard will be asked the questions next week and they will post the video replies on that page.

2. In this article in USA Today, Sarah Wayne Callies talks about the spectacular special effects in Into the Storm and there is a picture of Sarah and Richard - click the picture to enlarge. The article gives some idea of what to expect in the trailer.


23rd March

Karima has found a new picture of Richard taken during the recent audiobook recording of Hamlet, A Novel at the Audible studios in New York. The picture originates from this site run by Amil Dave, a sound engineer, but here is a direct link to the photo on Flickr. Richard is photographed with Joy Smith, audio editor at Audible. Thanks Karima!


22nd March

1. Todd Garner, producer of Into the Storm posted a correction to the trailer release date last night. It will go online next Thursday 27th March at 10am PST (5pm GMT, 1pm EST, 4am on Friday 28th for Australian EST). World time zone converter

2. Congratulations to Andrea K from Germany for winning The Lords of the North audiobook competition. Thank you to all 423 of you who entered!


21st March

1. A picture of Richard as 'Chop' filming in Leeds yesterday has been posted on the production's Twitter, Facebook page and Instagram site. This is the first 'official' confirmation that Richard will star in this film after the announcement on this site last Friday.

2. Despite my attempts to request that this site becomes an Audible.com or Audible.co.uk affiliate (see news 5th March), it has not been granted. If Hamlet, a Novel narrated by Richard appears on Amazon it may be possible to order it via the Amazon links on this site in order to earn commission for charity.

3. The Into the Storm trailer comes out next Friday, as tweeted by Germain Lussier from Slashfilm.com. Finally a chance to see Richard as Gary Morris!

4. Voting in the Empire Awards 2014 categories has closed. Good luck to Richard and the other Hobbit nominees. The awards ceremony will be held in London on 30th March.


16th March

1. A photo from the Roxy Cinema's reopening celebration event in Miramar, Wellington on 30 March 2011, has appeared on the AuntiesFavourites blog. The picture appears on the wall in the café inside the Roxy cinema and shows William Kircher (Bifur in The Hobbit) and Richard in costume. The Dominion Post reported on the event that evening. I have added this photo to the Hobbit Miscellaneous gallery, which is in date order so it appears as picture #2. Thank you to Aunty!

2. A few people have reported seeing a Barclays premiere league football advert in the last few days in the UK with a voiceover from Richard. I have been informed that it is the same advert that was posted in January. Also it seems the Vauxhall Mokka ad is being re-shown. Thanks to smitkit, JH and @sarahbelle0308 on twitter.

3. The Anglophile interview outtakes with Richard Armitage are here on YouTube.


15th March

1. A donation of £522.48 plus gift aid has been made today to one of the four charities Richard has nominated - The Salvation Army. This is a massive total accrued from December Christmas shopping and so I must pass on my gratitude to those who clicked the Amazon links on my home page. Further details of how referral fees are accrued are here.

2. For more information about Bernard Hare and his novel, watch this video by Andy Robbins on Vimeo. Well worth a watch, especially for the message it conveys about the circumstances in which people are still living in the UK.


14th March

News of Richard's new project!

Richard has been cast in Urban and the Shed Crew, a Blenheim Films production, which has just started filming in Leeds in the UK. The filming will take place over the next 6 weeks (10 March to 18 April) and the director is Candida Brady. This film is adapted from the best-selling novel Urban Grimshaw and the Shed Crew, written by Bernard Hare. Richard will play 'Chop', an ex-social worker who befriends the eponymous character 'Urban'. Synopsis from Blenheim Film's website:

Bernard Hare’s book has been described as a tale of heroin and cement set in Britain’s underclass in the 90’s.
Eleven-year-old Urban Grimshaw is Britains’ most runaway child, he’s even been the subject of a hard news programme. His mother is a junkie and his father might as well be dead. He can’t read or write, and he doesn’t go to school. His average day is spent sitting round a bonfire with his mates smoking drugs and stealing cars. When he meets his mother’s new friend ‘Chop’, a disillusioned, ex-social worker also living on society’s margins, on one of Leeds’ roughest estates, the two become firm friends. But even ‘Chop’ with his own penchant for drink, drugs and hard living is shocked by the state of Urban’s life.

And from the Urban and the Shed Crew website:

It’s been described as a tale of heroin and cement, set in Britain’s underclass in the 90’s.

Twelve-year old Urban Grimshaw is Britains’ most runaway child, he’s even been on TV’s Crimewatch. His mother is a junkie and his father might as well be dead. He can’t read or write, and he doesn’t go to school. His average day is spent sitting round a bonfire with his mates smoking drugs and stealing cars. When he meets his mother’s new friend Chop’, a 37 year old, disillusioned, ex-social worker also living on society’s margins, on one of Leeds’ roughest estates the two become firm friends.

But even ‘Chop’ with his own penchant for drink, drugs and hard living is shocked by the state of Urban’s life. After much soul searching, he resolves to clean up his own act and do his utmost to save the kid.  But as their friendship deepens, Urban introduces him to the Shed Crew – the anarchic gang of kids between the ages of ten and fourteen; joy-riding, thieving runaways, no strangers to drugs or sex and it’s only then that we see exactly how long the road to civilization really is.

When ex-social worker Bernard Hare turned his startling experiences with a group of young delinquents into a novel it was described as one of the year’s most compelling and best selling books. “Urban and the Shed Crew” is a stunning piece of ethnography described by ‘The Guardian’ as “moving but never sanctimonious, another City of God, this time for Britain rather than Brazil.”

Review of the novel on the Guardian site. Facebook page. Twitter account. Urban and the Shed Crew website. Blenheim Film's website. IMDB page.

This news comes via an anonymous reliable source, who has been given the go-ahead that this information can be shared. No official announcement from the production company has been made yet, although a casting announcement is imminent.

Update: further confirmation of this news from the Sainou Talent Agency in London, announcing the casting of Nadine Mulkerrin, Anna Friel and Richard. Thanks @RCNY13.

Career page created - I'll add to this as more information is forthcoming.


9th March

Part 3 of Anglophile TV's Richard Armitage interview is here on YouTube.


8th March

Part 3 of Anglophile TV's Richard Armitage interview will be posted on YouTube on Sunday 9th March at 9am (Pacific time), which is 4pm GMT. I'll post a link here. Time Zone Converter here.


7th March

1. Here are high quality scans from the interview with Richard promoting The Desolation of Smaug in the Japanese magazine 'Movie Star', mentioned in the news on 2nd March. Thank you very much to Yoko for the scans and Emma for the translation into English. Click the images below to enlarge.

th MovieStar1-March2014  th MovieStar2-March2014

2. The Ovation Channel in the US will be showing Robin Hood from the beginning, starting tomorrow at 9pm. Thanks to Squid.

3. Some promising news from Audible following my enquiry about whether they would publish Richard's narration of the unabridged Lords of the North audiobook: "Your first request from December 2013 concerning this title, has well been received, and our content team is working to release it on the website.  I have directly contacted the person in charge of the AudioGo business, especially involving their content. I hope that we will able soon to satisfy your demand." So, they cannot yet confirm whether Audible will publish the audiobook, but I'm not giving up yet.


5th March

1. You can now pre-order Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: A Novel read by Richard Armitage from Audible.com and Audible.co.uk. The title is out on 20th May. Audible are owned by Amazon and run an affiliate scheme similar to the one this website already has in place with Amazon. I will be looking to set up affiliate status with Audible this weekend so that orders via this site will earn commission for charity.

2. Part 2 of Anglophile TV's Richard Armitage interview is here on YouTube.


4th March

1. Strike Back in Germany: RTL 2 will be showing the whole of Strike Back series 1, starring Richard as John Porter, in the early hours of the morning on Sunday 9th March from 01.20am. Click the link for the TV schedule. Thanks to Sabine.

2. The German TV magazine 'TV Movie' has a small article called 'Hollywood destroys the world' in which Into the Storm is mentioned, alongside films like Godzilla, Planet of the Apes, Transformers 4 and Pompeii. Thanks to Carmen for the scan below (click to enlarge) and this translation:

Into the Storm
Alarmingly close to reality: A mega-hurricane follows in the wake of the tornadoes that sweep across Silverton, Colorado. Between low-flying debris, a desperate father (Richard Armitage, "The Hobbit") is looking for his son. Film release : 21 August 2014

th TVMovie-4Mar14

3. Part 2 of Anglophile TV's Richard Armitage interview will be posted on YouTube on Wednesday 5th March at 12 noon (Pacific time), which is 8pm GMT. I'll post a link here.


2nd March

1. The first part of the Anglophile interview is here on YouTube.

2. The photographer Sarah Dunn has posted a scan of a Japanese magazine article containing one of her photographs on her Facebook page. If anyone has a clearer scan of this article they would willingly share with visitors to this site, and perhaps also translate, then please email me (address above). Thank you.

3. A new month, so a reminder that the 2014 unofficial calendar is here.


1st March

1. The Anglophile Channel are hoping to have the first part of their interview with Richard available to watch this Sunday (LA time) on their YouTube channel.

2. Please keep voting for Richard for an Empire 2014 Award for Best Supporting Actor! The site accepts multiple votes.

28th February

1. Richard was interviewed by Marlise Boland of The Anglophile Channel yesterday at the British Consulate in Los Angeles. They have posted several pictures taken during the interview on their Facebook page and there is also a funny teaser video. The interview will be posted on their YouTube channel in March. The interview pictures are also in the Interviews gallery.

2. Photos by the British Consulate in LA have been posted on twitter and are also in the gallery.


24th February

Voting in the 2014 Empire Awards has begun, and as the BBC News website states (thanks Debbie for the link) The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug has the most number of nominations with seven, in contrast to the fact that it has largely been ignored by the bigger award shows. Empire Awards are voted for by the fans of course. Richard Armitage is nominated as Best Supporting Actor! To vote, visit Empire Online. The awards ceremony will be held in London on 30th March.


23rd February

1. News of Richard's next work: Richard will perform a new adaptation of Shakespeare's Hamlet as an audio novel. The novel has been co-written by author A J Hartley and David Hewson and will be available via Audible on May 20th. The announcement was made by the co-author @authorajhartley on twitter (follow this link to see his answers to some questions about the audiobook), who tweeted a link to the news on ajhartley.net. I will post links to Audible on this site as soon as the audiobook is available to pre-order.

2. How long did it take to record this audiobook? According to AJ Hartley's Facebook page, recording started on 19th February. On the 22nd February he posted that recording was finished.

3. David Hewson, co-writer of the Hamlet audiobook, has blogged about the news that Richard will read their new audiobook out May 20th. He writes that the audiobook will be available worldwide, it was recorded in New Jersey and there will be more news and audio clips closer to the release date.


22nd February

Win a copy of The Lords of the North audiobook, kindly donated by a visitor to this site, Miriam. Click the link and email your answer to the question on that page to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Competition closes Friday 21st March.


20th February

1. At the end of last year, Audible.co.uk bought the rights to several audiobooks sold by AudioGo Ltd who went into administration. The Lords of the North, unabridged version, narrated by Richard Armitage, was only available via AudioGo Ltd and Audible still do not have it listed in their catalogue or in their 'Coming Soon' list, so currently it is not possible to buy a new copy of the audiobook. I have created a poll in the menu on the left-hand side to see how many people own a copy and also how many would like to own a copy. Most fans of Richard's audiobooks believe that The Lords of the North is the best one by far (myself included) so I hope one day that Audible will decide to publish this audiobook. Please vote in the poll on the left-hand side in the menu and let us know what you think.

Previous poll results are here.

2. Thanks to Glady for screenshots of the World Premiere of The Desolation of Smaug livestream, 2nd December 2013, which are now in the gallery.


18th February

1. Headlines Today's interview with Richard was posted in December but it is new to me and I've posted it here because it is one of the few interviews by the Indian media. I have added it to the growing list of video interviews on the Desolation of Smaug Video Clips page. Most questions have been asked before but worth listening to, especially the last response to the question about how Richard's previous work experience has benefited playing the role of Thorin. Thanks to Dia.

2. Thanks to a Warner Bros. Home Entertainment UK press release sent to me this evening, I can pass on news of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug release on DVD, Blu-ray 3D and Digital Download. These formats will all be released first in the UK on 7th April 2014 (US release 8th April 2014).

DVD packaging as shown in the press release (pending final pack shot). Click to enlarge:


From the press release: The Blu-ray 3D features the theatrical version of the film in 3D hi-definition, hi-definition and standard definition; the Blu-ray features the theatrical version of the film in hi-definition on Blu-ray; and the DVD features the theatrical version in standard definition.  The Blu-ray 3D and Blu-ray copies also include a digital version of the movie with UltraViolet. Fans can also own The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug in digital download on 7 April via purchase from digital retailers.


“The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” Blu-ray 3D and Blu-ray contain the following special features:

  • Peter Jackson Invites You to the Set: In the Company of the Hobbit and Peter Jackson Invites You to the Set: All in a Day’s Work – Experience the film’s challenges and demands, and journey alongside the director into Mirkwood, Lake-town and Dale as the movie’s most intense, pivotal scenes are created
  • Production Videos – Watch production come to life as Peter Jackson gives you an inside look at the making of the film
  • New Zealand: Home of Middle-earth, Part 2 – Travel with Peter Jackson and his team across the stunning locations of New Zealand transformed by the filmmakers into Middle-earth
  • “I See Fire” Music Video – Ed Sheeran’s beautiful theme song from the film is illuminated with this intimate music video

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug DVD contains the following special features:

  • New Zealand: Home of Middle-earth, Part 2 – Travel with Peter Jackson and his team across the stunning locations of New Zealand transformed by the filmmakers into Middle-earth


17th February

1. Behind the scenes clips from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug are on TrailerAddict (check the description under the video for parts 2 and 3). Alternatively all three parts are shown as one video on YouTube. If you scroll down on that TrailerAddict link and click 'View all videos' you'll see several trailers and clips from the film and interviews with the cast.

2. An English translation of the TV Bros. article is now in yesterday's news, thanks to Emma.


16th February

Click the images below to see better quality scans from the Japanese magazine TV Bros. (originally posted below in the news 13th Feb). Thank you very much to Yoko for the scans. Here is a translation of the article into English, with many thanks to Emma.

th TVBros1-15Feb14  th TVBros2-15Feb14


15th February

1. Kevin McCarthy interviews the cast of The Hobbit via Geek Nation. Richard appears at 8m 34s and again at 11m 40s. Thanks to Laura for the link.

2. Spooks series 9 promotional videos and interviews that were previously downloadable from this site have now been uploaded to the RichardArmitageNet YouTube channel. You can watch direct from my channel or via the Spooks 9 Interviews and Clips page. This should make it easier to view the clips. Enjoy!

14th February

A really interesting interview with Jed Brophy was posted a few days ago on the Critics Associated site, with lots of references to working on Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. For specific mentions of Richard see his response to the first question, what he'd still like to film (I'd pay good money to see that), and his memories of filming the Battle of the Five Armies. Thanks to the interviewer @ElisaWSS for the tweet. FYI you can follow Jed Brophy on twitter at @BrophyJed.

13th February

1. Richard has appeared in the Japanese magazine TV Bros. dated 15 February 2014 as part of the recent Desolation of Smaug promotion in Japan. Photograph by Sarah Dunn. The film will be released there on 28th February. Thanks to @punkt_ochibo for posting (and @mdr_eng for the heads-up). Click the picture below to enlarge. If anyone is able to send me a translation, please email me (Ali) at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it thank you.

th TVBros-15Feb14

2. Thanks to @matildRAs for finding this review of the Pinter/PROUST play, in which Swann was described as being 'played with melancholy dignity by Richard Armitage'. Note new picture at the end.


10th February

1. Lots of photos of Richard at the Berlin Hobbit premiere (9 Dec 2013) have been posted on starwhispers.com. Please note the reposting restrictions stated below the photos. Thanks to Nicole and Glady for the link.

2. A picture of John and Margaret from North and South appeared in Times Square, New York recently thanks to a tweet posted by @armitageblogger. Thanks Laura for the link.

3. The New Yorker's review of the Pinter/PROUST play that took place on 16th January, makes a mention of "a strapping Richard Armitage as the stately Swann".

4. A donation of £376.64 plus gift aid has been made today to Childline as a result of your generous use of the Amazon links on the home page. Thank you very much! Further details of how referral fees are accrued are here.


9th February

1. The February 2014 issue of Empire magazine includes a 5 star review of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and a short preview of The Hobbit: There and Back Again. Thanks to Jen for the scans. Click the thumbnails below to read.

th Empire1-Feb2014    th Empire2-Feb2014

2. Into the Storm release dates have been updated on IMDB. More countries have been added to the list and France's release date has been brought forward to 13th August. Thanks to Joane.

3. Lucy Brown, who played Ivy in the 2005 production Malice Aforethought (and also Miss Latimer in North and South) has posted a photo used for continuity on Malice Aforethought on Instagram. I've added this to the Malice Aforethought gallery.


26th January

Lara Hillier, who played Odette in Pinter/PROUST has posted a cast photo on twitter. Click the instagram link to see the photo.


25th January

A 13 minute long video clip showing Richard in the one-night only performance of Pinter/PROUST in New York is on YouTube. Thanks to Aneta and Estelle.

18th January

1. Thanks to Glady for screenshots of the Google+ Hangout that took place on 4 December, which are now in the gallery.

2. Here's a photograph from the Pinter/PROUST programme showing the actor's biographies. Thanks to @girlfriday1035 on twitter.

17th January

1. Three short videos showing Richard at last night's Pinter/PROUST performance are on YouTube thanks to Chrissy Lampard: clip 1, clip 2 and clip 3

2. A framed photograph of Richard that hangs in a corridor of LAMDA in London has been passed to me with kind permission by the owner of the RA Bulgaria Facebook page, who has since informed me the photo is courtesy of Terpsichora - thank you! The photo shows Richard appearing as Felix in the play The Normal Heart by Larry Kramer and we believe it was taken in 1998. The picture is now in the Miscellaneous gallery.

3. A repeat of Moving On: Drowning not Waving starring Richard as John Mulligan will be shown on BBC1 at 1.15pm on Sunday 19th January.

11th January

Richard will be performing at the Kaufmann Concert Hall inside the 92nd Street Y building, New York City in a one night only reading of the play Pinter/PROUST on Thursday 16th January. Visit the website for more details. Thanks to Servetus.


5th January

A combined donation to Barnardo's and Shelter of £153.43 was made today from referral fees paid to this site from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.de for the month of October 2013. Thank you very much for using the Amazon links on the home page of this site to earn referral fees for charity. Further details of how referral fees are accrued are here.


3rd January

1. Two Barclays Premier League football advertisements with voiceovers from Richard have been posted on YouTube for a while but have eluded me, so here they are now: advert 1 and advert 2. The first advert was taken down a few months ago and reuploaded with slightly different footage. Thanks to JH and Kaprekar for the links.

2. Cinemax's uncensored interviews with Richard, Luke Evans, Evangeline Lilly and Benedict Cumberbatch are now available on YouTube via the Cinemax channel: clip 1, clip 2, clip 3 and clip 4. Thanks to Magda.

3. The Sag Harbor Express (New York) have published print interviews with Richard and Lee Pace that took place during a roundtable press event several months ago in New York City. Some questions are familiar but there is some new information about the costume design and a spoiler warning near the end regarding Thorin.

4. There were A LOT of video interviews from The Desolation of Smaug promotion last month some of which are on the DoS Video Clips page. As I mentioned on the guestbook today, I'm slowly updating this list so keep checking back if you want to keep up-to-date with all the video interviews Richard has given recently. Print interviews will appear on the Interviews page.

5. Robin Hood in Germany: series 1 will air on Super RTL starting Thursday 9th January at 21:50. Thanks to Michaela.

6. The 2014 calendar pictures are now available as separate pictures without the bottom calendar section if you want to save them to your desktop: click here. I've also made minor amendments to April and September as some of my photoshopping was a bit dodgy. These amendments are included in the whole calendar download (zip file).



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