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Poetry Readings by Richard Armitage


Richard has read poetry for the following radio programmes. More information is on each career page (links below).

Download links are provided or listen using the sound players below.

Each download is a zip file (see FAQ page for extracting files from zip files).


Sep 2010 Words and Music for BBC Radio 3. More information on the career page. Download
Nov 2007 A War Less Ordinary for BBC Radio 2. More information on the career page. Download
Oct 2007 The Ted Hughes Letters for BBC Radio 4. More information on the career page. Download



Listen to Words and Music


Listen to A War Less Ordinary


Listen to The Ted Hughes Letters



last updated 10 January 2012

Comments (22)
  • Evangeline Ahad  - Hughes'Letters read by Richard Armitage

    His readings make my nights a pleasant repose. I wonder if Richard has written his own poetry, he must have, being a creative man that he is.I hope, he finds what he is looking for. He has that look of unfilled expectation, he is a man full of dreams. I hope he finds that fulfillment soon enough, as he was praising Benedict's fulfilled life.

  • Evangeline  - audio book Romeo and Juliet soon

    I have seen so many versions of Romeo and Juliet, Richard's narration should change my world view on it.

  • Anonymous  - Richard doing poetry

    wish the poem..'Song' was here...actually wish he would do a whole audio book of poetry...:)

    The poem 'Song' is part of the Ted Hughes letters download that is on this page. It is also on the Ted Hughes Letters career page. Click here and scroll down to the youtube videos.

  • Nora  - Precioso...

    La verdad no conocía a esta belleza de persona hasta que lo vi en el Hobbit, no tenía idea de quien era. Hoy tengo que decir, por todo lo que he visto, leído y escuchado de él y por él, que me ha ayudado muchísimo, me ha dado fuerzas para seguir y cambiar cosas de mi vida que creía perdidas.
    God bless you!

    Lovely... Honestly didn't know this beautiful person until I saw him in The Hobbit, I had no idea who he was. Today I have to say that what I've seen, read, heard & about him has helped me a lot, it has given me the strength to move on & change things in my life that I thought lost. Thanks Richard!

  • Jezabelle Frances

    Richard has such a great voice. He could seriously read me the phone book, and I wouldn't care. And if he were to sing at me, I would do whatever he wanted. Not even kidding.

  • Mairi Mia  - Listening to that voice

    I am happy to report that I downloaded all the poems from youtube because they had the text also and now I have them with me, in my phone, all the time!

  • annie

    fantastic! That's just the way we were taught to read in school - with expression and commitment, but none of us did it good enough so our poor teacher was left disappointed.

  • Lilli Sanchez  - TedHughesLetters.mp3

    "Ted Hughes Letters"

    How is possible that somebody only with his voice can transport the audience so deep into these letters.... my goodness RA... so good... so good...

    Thx Ali for make this available for us...

  • Gwen Christie  - All audio books and poems read by Richard Armitage

    Thank you for the opportunity to hear poems, letters and excerpts from audiobooks read by Richard Armitage.
    He has a marvellous talent and a rich, expressive voice I can listen to for hours.

  • Jacquie  - DVD's

    Just purchased North and South and the entire Robin Hood through RA's link to Amazon. Can't wait to get them!

    Thank you for using the link on this site Jacquie! That will earn referral fees for charity.

  • Jacquie  - What a wonderful voice

    Wonderful voice to listen to after a long, long day at work. Great command of accents! :cheer:

  • adelbert  - Poem for the french resistance

    The POEM FOR THE FRENCH RESISTANCE is used in the 1958 movie CARVE HER NAME WITH PRIDE. It is given to Violette Szabo before she parachutes into Nazi-occupied France on her last mission. She was caught and executed by firing squad. Get the movie. The scene where she reads the poem is a real tear jerker.

  • G

    A very ipnotic voice

  • Halima  - Brillant

    Not to date, have I heard anything more beautiful!!!

  • Marion Ziemke  - Audio books

    A very charismatic voice. I´ve never cared much about audio books, till now. Mr. Armitage has a great taste in books, I discovered that he also read one of my favourites "The convenient marriage" which I luv because of the female characters, who are more often absolving a piece of roguery as modern characters would do.
    Well, I´ve got some more tomes in my shelf which I would like to "see" or hear being treated that way.
    Greetings from olde Germany

  • Ingeborg Müller  - me enamoré!!!!

    Querido actor,

    Tu voz se ha convertido en un estímulo vital para mí; gracias por tu trabajo, tu talento y belleza.

    Que sigas creciendo hacia la realización de tus sueños.
    Un abrazo enorme!!



    Dear actor

    Your voice has become a vital stimulus for me, thank you for your work, your talent and beauty.

    You continue to grow toward realizing your dreams.
    A big hug!


  • Anonymous

    This page is a great idea :cheer:
    I absolutely love to hear Richard reading poetry. If it did exist a CD of poetry read by Richard I would buy it.
    As Jean Curtin I especially love the Ted Hughes letters.
    Thank you so much Ali. :cheer:

  • Lady Prisca

    :confused: this comment was mine , sorry I had forgotten to give my name : Lady Prisca (it's better than anonymous).


    Ali, many thanks for uploading these readings. The Ted Hughes ones are especially moving.


  • A.  - Poetry Readings

    Oh, this is balm to my ears, as we say in Poland. Thanks for the easy access, Ali.

  • sherrie  - words and music


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