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preview40 pieceGuy of Gisborne - 1 preview40 pieceLucas North - 1 preview40 pieceJohn Porter - 1    preview48 pieceJohn Thornton - 1  

preview45 pieceRichard Armitage - 1preview54 pieceGuy of Gisborne - 2preview48 pieceGuy of Gisborne - 3    preview54 pieceGuy of Gisborne - 4

preview40 pieceGuy of Gisborne - 5preview54 pieceLucas North - 2preview45 pieceLucas North - 3preview45 pieceLucas North - 4

preview54 pieceLucas North - 5preview112 pieceJohn Thornton - 2preview200 pieceJohn and Margaret - 1preview96 pieceJohn Porter - 2

preview200 pieceJohn Porter - 3preview195 pieceGuy of Gisborne - 6preview198 pieceDr Alec Track - 1preview195 pieceHarry Kennedy - 1

preview200 pieceJohn Mulligan - 1preview91 pieceJohn Thornton - 3preview98 pieceHarry Kennedy - 2preview120 pieceJohn Porter - 4preview112 pieceGuy of Gisborne - 7preview200 pieceJohn Thornton - 4preview220 pieceJohn Thornton - 5preview180 pieceJohn Standring - 1

preview190 pieceLucas North - 6preview150 piecePaul Andrews - 1preview260 pieceRichard Armitage - 11preview170 pieceRichard Armitage - 12

preview198 pieceRichard Armitage - 13preview112 pieceRichard Armitage - 14preview112 pieceThorin Oakenshield - 1preview90 pieceThorin Oakenshield - 2

preview152 pieceThorin Oakenshield - 3preview250 pieceHobbit Landscapepreview150 pieceGuy of Gisborne - 8preview112 pieceGuy of Gisborne - 9

preview170 pieceGuy of Gisborne - 10preview200 pieceGuy of Gisborne - 11preview221 pieceRichard Armitage - 30preview252 pieceGuy of Gisborne - 12

preview170 pieceHeinz Kruger - 1preview190 pieceClaude Monet - 1preview220 pieceJohn Standring - 2preview150 pieceThorin Oakenshield - 4

preview120 pieceThorin Oakenshield - 5preview210 pieceThorin Oakenshield - 6preview231 pieceRichard Armitage - 31preview204 pieceLucas North - 7preview160 pieceLucas North - 8preview192 pieceLucas North - 9preview140 pieceLucas North - 10

The Lucas North image above only appears if you are logged into Jigsaw Planet.

preview150 pieceJohn Thornton - 6preview190 pieceGuy of Gisborne - 13preview120 pieceRicky Deeming - 1preview140 pieceThorin Oakenshield - 7

preview198 pieceThorin Oakenshield - 8preview209 pieceRichard Armitage - 33preview209 pieceThorin Oakenshield - 9preview154 pieceThorin Oakenshield - 10

preview169 pieceThorin Oakenshield - 11preview120 pieceRichard Armitage - 34preview273 pieceHarry Kennedy -3preview240 pieceHarry Kennedy - 4


Comments (106)
  • Linda  - Thankyou

    Thank you for all the beautiful jigsaws, I have just started doing them, and find them very relaxing. The whole site is lovely to look at.

    Thanks Linda!

  • Raychel Coe  - More North and South

    Could you please put more puzzles of North&South on please?

    Sure I will do this soon.

  • Anne Trimmer  - Puzzle

    Could you add the picture on the home page of
    Richard in t-shirt and jeans to the puzzle page?


    It's been added to page 2. I'll add more soon.

  • Karin  - Request for new puzzle

    Hi Ali,
    Could you make today's POD (June 11, Thorin with Lego) into a puzzle for me/us? Seeing that picture just now made me smile as much as Richard is.
    Thanks in advance,

    All done. It's on page 2.

  • M. Barnes  - new puzzles?

    Please, could we have some new puzzles. Today's pic of the day would be nice! Thanks

    I'll sort that out now.

  • Mary Barnes  - puzzle pieces jumping.

    The puzzle pieces are jumping up when you go to solve puzzle. Is it my computer, or is something amiss? Thank you.

    It's working fine for me, Mary. Here is the FAQ page for Jigsaw Planet who run the puzzles, you need to make sure you have the latest version of Java.

  • Mary Barnes  - freqency of putting puzzles together

    I would like to know why all the puzzles won't let me do them again. Is there a waiting period to do them again? Thank you.

    You can do them again by clicking on the cog wheel button in the bottom left corner and choosing 'Scatter'. There is a help option on the Jigsaw Planet website if you have any other queries about how their website works.

  • mary barnes  - Thanks

    I do thank you for the excellent job you do to keep us up to date about Richard. I do enjoy the puzzles very much. Thanks again.

  • Mary Barnes  - request for puzzle.

    Greetings, Any way we could get a puzzle of pod of 8-21. Would make a good one. Thanks.

    I'm afraid Pod2108 (Thorin holding the key) was withdrawn from this site because Warner Bros requested it be taken down from other sites so I decided to follow suit before WB ask me to do the same. It will be released again in October when the Hobbit calendar is available. I haven't put the Thorin 3D poster on the jigsaws page yet, so I'll do that one and find some others to add as well.

  • Gayle N

    Thank you for all the work you put into this site. It is wonderful to be able to follow RA. I particularly love the jigsaws. Any chance we could get on of the POD for July 7th? Thanks again!!

    Certainly, it will be a few days though I'm afraid.

  • LadyBliss72

    Hello again.... :)
    I was wondering if it was possible to turn my favourite picture from Comic Con into one of your fab jigsaws?
    It's pic 'comiccon-panel-04'. I think Richard looks utterly gorgeous - as usual ;)
    Bliss x

    Sure, will do.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks again x

  • LadyBliss72

    Hi Ali,

    I was wondering if it would be possible to have the new headshot of Thorin turned into one of your fab jigsaws?

    I am loving the jigsaws and I think that particular picture would be a rather lovely addition. ;)

    Thanks x


  • Anonymous  - re:
    LadyBliss72 wrote:
    Hi Ali,

    I was wondering if it would be possible to have the new headshot of Thorin turned into one of your fab jigsaws?

    I am loving the jigsaws and I think that particular picture would be a rather lovely addition. ;)

    Thanks x

    Blimey! :lol: Now that's fast! Thank you.

  • trish

    Thank you so much for the hours of pleasure these jigsaws have given me. I am probably the oldest fan on here and have a slow 'trigger' finger so can't compete with the fast times of others but have my own 'log'
    to compete against myself. :0
    Love them all, thanks again. :kiss:

    Glad you enjoy them Trish. I'll keep adding new ones periodically.

  • trish

    Thank you Ali, look forward to new ones :cheer:
    Am I allowed to ask the question, why is Lucas North - 10 now filtered :?:

    That's down to the decision of Jigsaw Planet but you can override it. Basically it's because Richard isn't wearing a shirt so they are deeming this to be 'adult content'. You need to login to Jigsaw Planet (create an account if you don't have one) then go to your 'Account Settings' (this is via the arrow in the top right corner of the Jigsaw Planet window) and you can adjust your content filter.

  • NancyMae

    The only problem with that is you'll also get all the naked women.

    Hmm yes but there's an adult non-explicit option which I hope would avoid all that. If not then you can search to be more specific about the puzzles you're looking for.

  • Sandy

    would you please consider making a puzzle from POD June 17,2012 ??
    Thank you for all the work you do for RA's fans.

    Sorry for the delay, I've added it now and 3 others.

  • Sandy

    thanks...i've already finished that puzzle and will very much enjoy the others!!

  • kaori

    Thanks for the new jigsaws

    Thank you Ali!!

  • M.K. Barnes

    Thanks for the new jigsaws. I have just about worn the old ones out. Love Richard.

  • Pauline

    Thanks for my jigsaw Ali and the others, looking forward to having some fun with these.

  • kaori  - Thank you!!

    I access from Japan
    I enjoy a jigsaw every day
    Thank you staff

  • Judy Peach  - Jude

    Just completed my first RA jigsaw, where have I been all this time, cant believe Ive only just seen them, they're fantastic, I love Richard so thank you very much Ali for these, I am going to have so much fun now, Jude x

  • Sandy  - puzzle 252

    i have sooo much enjoyed the puzzles, but one of my very favorites 'poses' of Sir Guy just has too many pieces to see very well on my computer screen...just my screen is smaller than most, but this is the first puzzle i've had to give up on finishing...sigh.
    but i've done the other puzzles dozens of times and am thrilled at your 'gift' to RA's fans...thank you so much...DON'T STOP, PLEASE!!

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