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Cecille: Thanks for the RA website

This is a great site! I'm a new fan of RA since just recently discovering North & South. I re-watched MI-5(Spooks)as I didn't realize that was him. Not many actors that convey such feelings as RA. All the best and thanks from California! ~Cecille


Hi Cecille

Thanks for visiting. Many fans 'found' Richard first in North and South so you have a lot in common with many supporters of his work. Welcome along!


Monday, 09 June 2014

virginia hunt: The Crucible

Hi Ali--I don't suppose you know if Richard will be missing any performances? Do you think he's more likely to be there end of August early Sept? I am booking a flight to London and do not want to miss Richard's performance. Thanks for your help and for all the updates on beloved Richard.


Hi Virginia

The best people to ask would be The Old Vic as I really have no knowledge of this, but my understanding from people that have emailed them is that they cannot provide any dates that Richard will miss at this stage.


Wednesday, 04 June 2014

Cristine: The Crucible

Thank you so much for posting the info about the video about Richard's thoughts on The Crucible! I will see the play more than once in July. It is so wonderful to hear that the play means so much to him. I was so sure I would never see him live. And he even looks exactly the way I dreamt (the beard - aah)! It is still hard to believe this wil l happen. Thank you for the wonderful site, Ali! Keep up the great work! I truly appreciate it. Greetings from Finland


Hi Cristine

It was a great little clip from The Old Vic today and fascinating to hear his opinion of this role. I can also hardly believe I'm finally going to see him perform at last!

Thanks for leaving a comment,


Friday, 30 May 2014

Rose: The Crucible

I will be in London July/August to spend some time with my brother and his family. I would love to see the Crucible but may have to resign myself to missing out as we are planning to spend time in India and Italy while I'm there. What you do for family ;) I do hope I get an opportunity to see it. If not I hope those of you who do go, thoroughly enjoy the experience :)

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Monica: Audible pics

Thanks Ali, for posting these great screen caps from the Audible interview so quickly, gorgeous!!! :) Peace, Monica


Glad you like them, thanks!


Saturday, 17 May 2014

Claudia: The Crucible

Hello, my name is Claudia and I became a RA fan since I saw The Hobbit. I got tickets for the evening performance on July 12th. I live near Hamburg (Germany) and will stay the weekend in London. OMG, I've never done such a crazy thing and Iam excited to see him "life" on stage!!! Would love to meet other fans. :-)Claudia

Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Dear Ali, I want to say thank you for the great homepage about Richard. Every day I discover more about my favourite actor and his work. I feel that you take a lot of time to do this homepage so wonderful! Best wishes and go on from Germany :* (I hope you'll understand my English from school :) )


Thanks Teresa, that's very kind of you to say.

Best wishes


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Grace: A paper about RA

Hey Ali! I am doing a theatre paper about my favorite actor and i chose RA. And i need some help finding information about him. it must be 5 pages, and if you could help me and email me the info that would be great. I need: -actors repetoire of work -education -experience -oppurtunities - timeline of history - why RA's work is respected - what KIND of work they have done - has he won any accolades -what impact he is making on society with their fame and possible fortune. THANKS!!!!!!


All that information is on this site. Please email me directly if you need to, but you will find most of that information on the Biography page.


Monday, 12 May 2014

Diana: New Fan

I have become a big fan of Mr. Armitage. I have tried to purchase everything I can with him in it and going to see all his up and coming movies. My favorite one is North and South. I can't wait for the Into the Storm and the last Hobbit movie which {editing for spoilers}. I will always be watching for his upcoming projects. Can't wait.


Hi Diana

Thank you so much for your comment - sorry I had to edit it. Thanks for visiting the site.

Best wishes


Monday, 12 May 2014

Manilla: Into The Storm

Hi, Here is the link I've got the news from: I've no idea if it can be trusted. Bye


That's Warner Bros so it's genuine - thanks very much!


Tuesday, 29 April 2014


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