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MissJJ: Bond

Having spent most of the morning thinking about it, not because it was a tough decision but just because I enjoyed thinking about itTongue out, it would have to be Commander Bond RN, certainly cannot see DC in naval uniform but RA...... sorry need to go away and think about it some more.........

Joking aside if you have never read one of the James Bond books, pick up Casino Royale.....RA perfecting casting!

Wednesday, 09 December 2009

Kym: Wuthering Heights

Of course I would be perfectly cast as Cathy .......*sigh*Wink

Wednesday, 09 December 2009

Myrtle: Heathcliff

Heathcliff would be lovely, now I am torn, Heathcliff or Bond, Bond or Heathcliff - I need a lie down Undecided to think about it Wink

Tuesday, 08 December 2009

Guest: Kym

I'd love to see RA as Heathcliff (of course) in Wuthering Heights with Kate Bush (of course) singing title track.  I'm orgasmic just thinking about it!!!Tongue out

Monday, 07 December 2009

Myrtle: Myra

I would love to see RA as James Bond, he would be a natural, much better than Daniel Craig IMO. I wonder however, if he would want the role if it were offered? chance of a life time or too restricting for him to explore other things?

How lovely it would be to hear him say "my name is Bond, James Bond" Heaven!

Monday, 07 December 2009

MissJJ: Film Review ~Episode 7

I see RA is now doing his Pierce bit from The World Is Not Enough ~ do you think he could be practicing Wink.........

Saturday, 05 December 2009

MissJJ: The name is Bond!

Said it when DC was hopelessly cast as Bond, RA was my choice, Bond needs a proper actor, not John McClane in a suitSealed!  RA would be perfect, the way the character was written.  Lets hope DC only does the three he has vowed to do. Watching RA do the torture scenes in Spooks he could have shown DC how to do it in Casino Royale!

Saturday, 05 December 2009

Guest: kimmy

can anyone help i have lords of the north on cassette for my van but i am having to have a cd player fitted and i have tried all i know to get this on cd and cant get hold of it for love nor money i can get jamie glover copy but the one i have is read by Richard and is so much more enjoyable can anyone please help  many thanks to this great site and all of you for all the enjoyment i get daily my morning coffee would not be the same without you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


reply from admin: Lords of the North, the full version narrated by Richard Armitage, is available exclusively from The Audiobook collection. You can telephone the number on their website to order:

Friday, 04 December 2009

BoHenley: Zipped files Ep4 - thanks

Thanks so much for the Episode 4 zipped files (Downloads section).  It's no wonder it "slipped your mind" when you have the real DVD footage over there in the UK!  Thank you again.


Monday, 30 November 2009

BoHenley: Screencap downloads (zipped)

Thanks for the great screencap & movie downloads.  Living in Australia, it'll be ages before we see this series, so this is a fantastic "fill in" until then.  Love the Pic of the MissJJ it gets me through the day (or night, as it is here when it uploads), and looking forward to the Episode 4 zipped download combo.  So wonderful to download them all at once.

Many thanks to our dedicated RANet team


Sunday, 29 November 2009


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