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This is an unofficial website dedicated to the work of the British actor Richard Armitage, star of The Crucible (at the Old Vic), The Hobbit, NBC's Hannibal, Into the Storm, Captain America: The First Avenger, Spooks, Strike Back, Robin Hood and the BBC's North and South. I hope you will find the most up-to-date news about Richard's career, interviews, pictures, multimedia, information about filming locations and much more. All content is listed in the menu on the left.

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Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield from the 8th Hobbit Production Video ~ gallery

Messages from Richard to his fans 2004-present day are here

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Comments (1029)
  • Michaela  - Merry Christmas!

    Wishing you a merry Christmas Ali and thanks for keeping this page running! All the best for the year 2018! :kiss:

    Thank you and to you!

  • Evangeline Ahad

    Hoping to see Brain Fire in West Coast since it was filmed here. My views are always positive for Richard, can't ignore my bias.

  • Anne Richter  - Q about amazon.smile.de

    Hi Ali, and here is the third Anne. Amazon.de made an offer to support a chosen charity if we buy via amazon.smile.de. Till now I didn't use it because I don't know what would eventually happen to RA's charities (perhaps in this case they won't get these 'referal fees'). Did you already hear about this amazon.smile concept?
    Hope you are well! (Only whispered, do you eventually have time for a next info on this site?).
    Thanks for all you do. Happy weekend.
    Anne R.

    Hi Anne
    Thanks for the info. Sorry I'm not updating this site at the moment. Can't say if that will change in the future but I'm not going to take the site down.
    Best wishes

  • Anne Richter

    Thanks for reply, Ali. And Thanks for all what you've done.
    I'm glad that you're back on Twitter again.
    All best wishes

  • Anne Richter

    Hi Ali, glad you are back 'a little bit' with the new POD. Of course we accept in which way you are updating this website.
    Kind regards

  • annej


    Thank you Anne, and to you!

  • Anne Hunt  - Berlin Station on iTunes

    I was interested to see Tweet re: availability of Berlin Station on iTunes but any idea if this is still only in USA ? Beginning to feel I won't live long enough to lots of Richard's projects. Sorry if that sounds a bit melodramatic but I'm over 60 and every minute is precious ! :)

    I'm afraid it is only available to the USA at the moment via iTunes. Hopefully that will change soon, but no news yet I'm afraid.

  • Teuchter  - Re: Berlin Station on iTunes

    Hi Ali and Ann. I am in Canada and had no problem downloading the series. Of course this may be because we are "lumped in" as part of North America. This sometimes happens and it is not always a good thing. In this case it is!! :)

  • A.  - New information

    Dear Ali,
    Many thanks for the new information - and new picture :-). "Withering reviews" of "Brain on Fire" - perhaps the film deserves them, but I'm sure RA does not.
    Best wishes,

  • Jo  - Thanks

    Dear Ali,
    Thanks for all the information :kiss:

  • Lucia  - Happy New Year

    Dear Ali, may all your wishes come true in the coming year.
    Thank you for all your hard work in keeping us abreast of Richard's projects. We truly can't do without the best site in the world!

    That's very kind, thank you Lucia. Happy New Year to you!
    Ali x

  • Pauline  - Christmas

    Hi Ali, wishing you and your family a very Happy Christmas and a New Year.
    Love Pauline (Sydney)

    Thank you Pauline, sorry I'm late publishing this comment. Happy New Year to you!
    Ali x

  • NancyMae  - Audio Work

    On Richard's Audio Work page is missing David Copperfield available at Audible. Just FYI.

    Thanks - there's a lot missing on this website, but I'll rectify that omission today. :)

  • Anne Richter

    Hi Ali, only want to say I like your website too, as well as ever (pics from LA?).
    Have a good and hopefully not so stressful week!
    Anne R.

  • Anne Richter  - PS

    PS Concerning 'humour' I meant this fine one, sometimes between the lines, which makes me smile. x

  • Anne Richter  - Thank you !

    Hi Ali, just made a donation, ordered 5(!) books (I confess, for collecting), and read something in the news. Thank you so, so much, heartfelt Thanks to You! And your yearly birthday message was always one of the highlights (perhaps you'll change your mind, you have a whole year to think about :)). About the whole website you know my opinion; serious, thoughtful, exact, best organized (and with this little bit of humour). Thank you! (Of course also like your Twitter feed with the fast informations). BTW I think the perfect promotion for Berlin Station could have a positive effect on the release of the other movies (?). I hope so.
    Have a good time, Anne

    Sorry Anne, I won't change my mind as it seems so obvious to me that people would much rather tweet or post on Instagram or Facebook directly on to his pages rather than leave a message on an unofficial website. It's a good thing really as I'm sure Richard is more likely to look at his social media feed than this site.

    I hope you are right about the positive effect Berlin Station may have on other work, but we'll have to wait and see.

    Thank you for your continued support!

  • A.  - Berlin Station

    Thank you, Ali, for all this news about "Berlin Station". I hope it is a huge success.

    So do I. Thanks A!

  • NancyMae  - Richard backing out of project

    With the personal integrity that we know he has, it must have taken a lot for Richard to quit this project. I'm sorry we won't get to hear him with the guitar. As always I wish the best for him.

    Yes, that is a real shame. I think many of us feel sorry we won't see this role. Clearly he'd made an important commitment to something else and I hope it won't be too long before an announcement is made.


  • Dona  - June 24, 2016

    It was a sad day for me today. I woke up and it was as if I lost many friends. :(

    Still here!

  • Anne Hunt  - Elsa The Lioness documentary

    I love to hear Richard as narrator on any documentary but the one about Elsa The Lioness has eluded me until now. I spotted a late night screening last night which I recorded not sure if it was the one narrated by Richard and I am happy to say it was. It is a heart-rending but also heart-warming story and Richard's narration is so sensitive,it is a treat! I suspect it will be available on BBC iplayer for a while if anyone wants to find it.It is a Natural World/BBC Earth programme from 2010, I think.

  • Lucia  - Jutland

    Ali, is this the same show they give on BBC 2 next Sunday evening?

    I can't have Channel Four or ITV in Belgium, so it would be nice if it were the same show!

    Sorry no it isn't. The show on BBC2 is a programme hosted by Dan Snow.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for finding and posting these two new articles at least they seem new to me especially the radio interview. I couldn't find a video but the Digital spy article was very good. How did you find the radio interview

    The video is at the top of the Digital Spy article - if it's not loading that could be due to your browser, so it's worth trying another browser instead.
    I recorded the radio interview when it was broadcast. Details are on the 2014 news archive page - scroll to 29 November as that was when the interview was published.

  • Anonymous

    :woohoo: wonderful Lucas appearance in your 'picture of the day' ...
    The cameo in Alice is too short, and he looks like Thorin on a set aside throne. I'm still too eager for Berlin Station. Please keep us updated! :cheer:

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