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Strike Back: Project Dawn

(series 2)



Written by:

Frank Spotnitz

Richard Zadjlic

Producer: Michael Casey
Executive Producers:

Andy Harries, Elaine Pyke,

Dan Percival & Frank Spotnitz

Directed by:

Dan Percival, Bill Eagles &

Alex Holmes

Broadcast dates:

21 August 2011 on Sky1 and Sky1 HD (UK)

12 August 2011 on Cinemax (US) and HBO Canada

Duration: 10 x 1 hour episodes



  • John Porter -

  • Damien Scott -
  • Michael Stonebridge -
  • Eleanor Grant -

In August 2010, Sky confirmed that a second series of Strike Back had been commissioned, comprising 10 episodes, one hour per episode. Richard's subsequent casting in The Hobbit meant that his involvement in the second series of Strike Back would be limited, and the full extent of his appearance as John Porter in the series is still unknown.

In November 2010, Elaine Pyke stated that this series would introduce two main characters and that Richard would be involved 'in some way', and then in January 2011 we discovered that the series would be co-produced by HBO/Cinemax. All news updates are reported chronologically below.

The series will be shot between February and July 2011 on location in South Africa and Hungary, according to Left Bank Pictures.



News of the Second Series

27 Aug 2011

Strike Back on DVD: Amazon UK and are releasing series 1 and 2 on a 5 disk DVD set, available 14 November 2011. Links: Bluray at - DVD at - Bluray at - DVD at Each series is also available to buy separately. Series 2 DVD will also be released on 14 November.



7 Aug 2011

Three new Strike Back promos overnight, one from HBO Canada which Bccmee has uploaded to youtube. There are lots of different clips from the series but the same glimpse of Richard Armitage that we've seen before:

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The second video is from Cinemax and has clips of John Porter that we haven't seen yet. It's on Bccmee's blog with a transcript and closed captioning.

The Strike Back facebook page has uploaded the first 6 minutes of the series, but it's not available to view outside the US. The clips of John Porter are exactly the same as the second video mentioned above, followed by clips already seen before of Scott and Stonebridge.



4 Aug 2011

Cinemax have released a clip from the first episode of Strike Back 2. There are no spoilers in this clip. For those outside the US, you can watch the video on Bccmee's blog.

Screencaps here, click to enlarge:

th_SB2clip1-04Aug11  th_SB2clip2-04Aug11  th_SB2clip3-04Aug11

th_SB2clip4-04Aug11  th_SB2clip5-04Aug11



3 Aug 2011

Strike Back series 2 will return to Sky1 and Sky1 HD on Sunday 21 August at 10pm, as reported by the Sky Media site. It will be shown on Cinemax in the US and HBO Canada on Friday 12 August.



30 July 2011

Second UK trailer captured on Sky TV. Click picture to view or right-click to download.




09 July 2011

Entertainment Weekly has released a second Cinemax trailer for Strike Back (previously there has been a Cinemax trailer and a Sky trailer for the US and UK broadcasts respectively). Richard Armitage does not make an appearance in this trailer.


27 June 2011

A press release via this site suggests that Strike Back: Project Dawn will air in the US on Friday 12th August at 10.00pm (ET/PT) on Cinemax and also on HBO Canada on the same date. Sky have not confirmation a UK release date yet.


6 June 2011

A new Sky advert on ITV showing a brief clip of Richard in Strike Back: Project Dawn. To view the clip, click here or right-mouse-click the link (Ctrl-click on a Mac) to download.

Click these thumbnails to for large screencaps of this clip.

th_Skyad-060611-01 th_Skyad-060611-02


29 May 2011

According to the Skymedia site, Strike Back 2 will air in August 2011 on Sky1 and Sky1 HD. 10 x 1 hour shows as expected and Richard's name is prominent in this brief, although we still don't know how much he will appear in this second series.


25 May 2011

There is now a high definition version of the US Strike Back 2 trailer on the HBO site here.


18 May 2011

Sky have a much higher quality version of the UK Strike Back 2 trailer here.


16 May 2011

US Strike Back Trailer

The longer Strike Back trailer available on the Cinemax site has been close captioned by Bccmee and she's provided a transcript on her blog. The trailer shown before last night's Game of Thrones in the US was the same trailer as this longer one I'm told.

Cinemax have released the longer trailer on youtube, which is slightly better quality than the one posted previously:

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Here's some pictures from the video, click to enlarge. More pictures of Richard from the UK Strike Back 2 trailer are in the news below 9 May, where different shots of Richard were seen.

th_RASB2-5  th_RASB2-6

UK Strike Back Trailer

The UK Strike Back 2 trailer is now on the Sky Strike Back website. The UK trailer is shorter and shows different clips than the US Strike Back 2 trailer, which you can see in the youtube clip above.

I've updated the screencaps below in the news 9th May, as the video is better quality.

The UK Sky trailer is also on youtube thanks to Sky:

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15 May 2011

Thanks to Anna for discovering this tweet, which appears to suggest that Strike Back 2 will air in August. However this is obviously not an official announcement and it's not clear if this refers to a US broadcast or a UK broadcast too.

11 May 2011

Music from Strike Back has been posted on the SoundCloud music sharing site by the TV & film composer Simon Ashdown. There are three tracks which appear to be for the second series - the title of each track begins with 'HBO', the company co-producing the second series. Thanks to RavenRoseBeetle for discovering this.

10 May 2011

A transcript and close captioning of the new Strike Back 2 trailer is now available on Bccmee's blog.


9 May 2011

Sky Atlantic showed a clip of Strike Back: Project Dawn this evening, the second series of Strike Back, with some brief glimpses of Richard Armitage. I recorded the clip but Sky have since made a youtube clip available which is better quality (see news 16 May above). Click the thumbnails below to see screencaps of Richard.

th_RASB2-1 th_RASB2-2 th_RASB2-3 th_RASB2-4

26 April 2011

The London Evening Standard printed an interview on 12 April with Karen David who says she has recently been filming "a guest episode of Strike Back with Richard Armitage", however it wasn't clear whether that meant her scenes were with Richard.

Clarification came in this interview on that she filmed her scenes with Sullivan Stapleton, one of the new leads in the series. The Strike Back news is a long way down that interview, just above the picture of Karen wearing a large yellow belt.

13 March 2010

In an interview with BBC Waterloo Road star, Karen David, in The People dated 13 March, it appears that Strike Back filming took place "last week" i.e. early March.

21 Feb 2011

Filming for Strike Back series 2 is already underway in South Africa. This facebook page is for a stunt/athetic group who are working on the series.

10 Feb 2011

Sky have confirmed that Richard will appear in the second series of Strike Back:

Second series for Sky1's Strike Back


Here is the Sky Press Release announcing that a second series of Strike Back has been jointly commissioned by Sky and HBO/Cinemax. They also state that "Richard Armitage returns as John Porter".

This was also reported in The Telegraph, on the site (which has details of the other 2 lead cast members) and on Digital Spy.


19 Jan 2011

The new lead in Sky's Strike Back has been announced as Australian actor Sullivan Stapleton on the Herald Sun's site.


The series will now be co-produced by the US production company HBO. As confirmed by head of Sky drama Elaine Pyke on 10 November below, it does seem that Richard will be in some episodes of Strike Back but not all. On 7 December, this was confirmed again by David Stephenson, TV Editor of the Sunday Express on twitter: "For Richard Armitage fans, Sky says actor is in "some" episodes of Strike Back 2, but not all." There has been no more confrmation as to whether this is still the case.

10 Nov 2010

Elaine Pyke, head of drama on Sky1 has confirmed that Strike Back will be back "bigger and better". When asked specifically about Richard she said that Richard will be in it in some way, but then the series will have two new leads who'll take the action to new heights. No other details available at this time.

02 Aug 2010

The Guardian reported that Stuart Murphy, controller of Sky1 has commissioned a new 10 part series of Strike Back. Dan Percival will write and direct the first two episodes and Andrew Benson will produce the series. Both worked on the first series. Read more on The Guardian's site.


Digital Spy are also reporting the news, and they state that the series is expected to air late in 2011.



28 July 2010

The Mirror is reporting on possible locations for series 2 according to ‘an insider’: Mirror site.




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